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  • DMT Issues 7/18

    Is Anna still the person responsible for PR? I remember seeing her post when she was hired but haven't seen a shred of communication since- even during disasters. The community desperately needs reassurance that appropriate compensation is on the way / Nexon has definitive plans to fix these issues in the future. Negligence has seriously been an issue and it's really affecting the playerbase's loyalty and moral. I really really don't want to see my favorite game die. This is very disheartening.
  • Allow World Leap into Windia

    Nexon has made such a strong point of not listening to the players lately. Between the "Don't change the drop formula," "Please let us play in windia" and "Please stop the game from crashing/lagging out every 5 minutes" I'm personally offended as a player, community member, and a paying consumer.
  • Suggestion - increase mesos cap to 100b

    xCora wrote: »
    not a good idea the worth of meso would reduce even more than what it already is. thanks to does botters

    increased cap would make it possible for them to farm more on their full account

    They just transfer it to another character and it takes them like 5 minutes. It's way more hard on normal players to whom all viable gear is worth more that 10B and causes risk in sketchy trades
  • Anyone else only getting "ID already logged in"?

    As the title states it keeps saying I'm already logged in everytime I try to start playing. Is anyone else getting this error?
  • List of Bugged Content Due to Revamps/ Changes

    Hey guys. Maple has a ton of amazing new content, but it seems the classic content was really butchered and bugged up through all the revamps and changing of areas and NPCs over the years. These issues are affecting entire quest lines and you don't even know until you're halfway through and find out Nexon removed a map that an important NPC was on, changed the functionality of the NPC, or revamped the area an NPC was on and you can't finish the quests!

    To start, almost all ludibrium/omega sector related quests don't work. Almost all of them require some interaction from old Omega Sector NPCs that don't work and this even affects modern gameplay to an extent. Nexon decided it would be a good idea to implement a way to get ITCG items after ITCG was discontinued for a long time. This was a great move in the eyes of many, however a lot of NPCs necessary for completing objectives were in Omega Sector. They changed that and now you can't complete the quest The Alarm Clock (Level 38 and above) from the pink mesoranger which leads onto the ludibrium quest Assembling the Alarm Clock (Level 38 and above) . You need items from this quest to get the ITCG item Hard Hat for example. Also, you can still get Ridley's stones from the Raven Clan exchange quest however they recently removed the map Ridley was on when they removed crimsonwood keep. And Haunted Mansion drops to upgrade stirge gear is now gone! I used to spend HOURS crafting itcg gear to use and sell and now it's nearly impossible to get the more rare things without finding someone illegally selling them for real US currency.

    Also, when Chryse was introduced, they changed the NPC Ericsson to accommodate that however you can accept the quests regarding The Chaos Behind Alfonse Green and the Nependeath Juice in Orbis, do all the work, then when you go to complete the quest there are no options to complete the quest because Ericsson only asks you about the newer content of Chryse. It's just really disappointing after you actually collect everything for the quest and can't complete it. I just wanted my favorite Bone Helm!

    Solutions: Add one prolific NPC to New Leaf City where you can buy or quest for the items you can't get due to these issues*. Or, nexon has already set precedent for this kind of issue by moving the old Omega Sector NPC Spindle to New Leaf city. Maybe something can be done for the rest of the NPCs that also revolve around Spindle? Maybe add them back into the new reformed Omega Sector? As far as Ridley goes, place him in NLC or somewhere in the accessible areas of Crimsonwood keep. Glutton Ghouls which are necessary for upgrading ITCG items could possible be moved to the NLC clocktower. And for Ericsson, maybe just copy his old npc info and combine it with the post-chryse info so that you can have the option for chryse and non chryse related things.

    I only used a few examples because these are the main bugged quests which are actually rewarding, but there are many less useful quests bugged too.

    *Items that are notable rewards for bugged quests:

    Miner's Hat (Upgraded Hard Hat)
    Upgraded Stirge Pants, Whips, and Capes
    Bone Helm
    Ridley's Exchange items (Long list, won't include all the reward items)

    I'll try to update this if you guys want as I continue finding quests you can start but not finish!