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  • ????????? Hackers in Basically Every Server

    So, I'm like one of those players who actually play for story and content rather than speed leveling every class to max level, which is the major reason why I'm in Mu Lung Garden/Herb Town. I've been trying to do all the quests in both sides, and at least in the Mu Lung Garden areas, there's those rare few servers where there's not many hackers... And then go to Herb Town: Bam! Hacker central. I've basically switched through all twenty channels and all of them have hackers in 10-Year-Old-Herb Garden and basically the rest of the areas nearby with enough mobs to actually quest efficiently do. I'm so tired T_T I just want to finish all my quests, get my Maple Guide Stamp (which requires killing 500 mobs), and get some Monster Cards... Pls let me live... Side note: @Nexon look through the Mu Lung Garden/Herb Town mobbing areas if you want to ban hackers. There's a lot...
  • Change server time back to PST

    Sorrow wrote: »
    AKradian wrote: »
    It's not a question of missing out, it's a question of keeping track of when everything is.
    2x event times is one of the things they changed to let everyone around the globe participate, so I agree that's good (although 3-hours sessions and 4-hour cash coupons don't go well together).
    I'm sorry if you feel that my opinion is a hard pill to swallow but I'm indifferent about these changes, which is why I said no. I'm not affected by this change in any way. You could address the issue of 4-Hour cash coupons being inconsistent with our 3-Hour EXP/Drop event duration, but this is a separate issue. You would have my full support on the EXP coupon thread if you made it.

    The only thing I feel needs looking into (in context with this thread) is limited quantity cs promotions, e.g. Black Friday. The Black Fri boxes popped up at 3:00 AM (EST) with a quantity of 50. These boxes sold within minutes. Unless people were up at that time nobody else had a chance of obtaining this item.

    No offense... O_o but I'm pretty sure you're one of the only people in this thread who support the Time Zone Change/Inconsistencies. Which is the point... The majority of the players want it to be either changed back, or made more consistent. If you put this into actual Maplestory context, it would be like having maybe 5% or 10% (which is just an estimate) of players liking the current event times and such, whereas the majority don't, and instead of making things more convenient for the majority, choosing to focus on that 5% or 10%. AKA, the current situation. It's great that it's convenient for you, but for many others, it isn't... and both you and Nexon need to take that into account...
    And once again, sorry if this is offensive to you.
  • Spamming potions is ridiculously slow now?

    Bellamazed wrote: »
    Is it just me, or does spamming potions by holding down your potion hotkey take a ridiculously long time? I was using some low level potions on my new character and instead of blitzing up my HP bar there seemed to be a delay between each one that was used.

    I haven't really played since 2011ish, it definitely didn't used to be like this. Just wanted to see if this was an intentional change or if I'm just lagging? The rest of my game-play seems fine though.

    Definitely not just you... A few updates ago it was completely fine... But now whenever I try to open boxes on a hotkey, it takes forever...
    e. e!
  • So Sick of Random Disconnections...

    Edit: Yessss!!! I logged back on and I was in the lobby of Monster Park and even though I went in and almost completely finished (only having the boss left in Knight Stronghold that looks like Hawkeye left) it didn't count :DDDDD It says that I cleared 0/7 times and that I have 2 free clears for today. Silver lining :D I'm still slightly annoyed that I disconnected when I was so close to finishing but more relieved that it didn't count, especially since Sunday gives you extra exp, I believe! :D (Gonna go do that now lol)
  • So Sick of Random Disconnections...

    Whenever I use EXP or Drop coupons, MapleStory starts to misbehave.
    It's like the game is waiting for me to use them just so it can disconnect me.

    Maplestory be trollin' XD