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  • You ever wonder why you even bother(personal vent)

    you probably not gonna read this anyway but its always good to let of steam.
    though from what i read all habits die slowly, since you still tried to make a impact by posting your thoughs out in the open.
    not that it is bad, rather its good this way you wont become a turtel like me when i have problems.

    anyways i know that feeling when you make friend you want to help them. you want to stay in contact.
    but online game friends are just that online games only a few can bloom into true friends its just like real life
    you meet many people and you going to say good bye to many of them.
    heck you probably going to forget all of them during the next few months unless you write with them from time to time.

    that is just how life works nothing is going to change it even if you wished somehow they would hold on to you.

    i remember once during my first guild my guild slowly died out from 13 people 4 were left and soon after only i remaind.
    for months i was the only on that keep the guild alive without any jr i was unable to rebuild it so i just waited it out.

    at one point i gave up wrote my good bye to my guild leader. which i didnt talked to for half a year and suddendly the whole guild dissolved next day.
    seems like she did watched me waiting and left the guild completly empty in my hand.

    anyways its funny when someone write about their problems you always remember parts of your own old problems...

    feels kinda nostalgia