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January 23, 1996
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Whoever can make me laugh will get 10m in-game from me no bamboozles (Scania only)
  • A Better Guild Board

    I have been trying to write up little guides for bosses and making money etc. on my guild board but for some reason there are a number of things that make the board borderline useless:

    - If anything you typed get accidentally censored, the entire post turns into a mess of random letters and spaces
    - If you have to scroll down to view more of the post, the excess text is cut off the next time you log in to the game
    - There is no blinking cursor to indicate where in the post your next typed letter will be

    Essentially I am suggesting that these 3 issues be addressed, or at least allow me to make longer posts!
  • HYPE: Better Party quest?

    Specifically Nett's Pyramid. I could honestly not care less for any pq but Nett's Pyramid.
  • CAPTCHA for Users Suspected of Hacking

    First of all, I think there should be more/better ways of determining if someone is hacking.

    Some potential ideas could be:
    • Not taking damage for a long time whilst standing in areas where monsters spawn
    • Killing a monster simultaneously from a very far distance (I understand that this could be a problem for certain classes, but it could be triggered by a counter or something)
    • Not using in-game chat/chatting with npcs for an extended period of time
    • Not visiting the cash shop for an extended period of time
    • Increased prejudice for Blaze Wizards and Kannas

    There are others , but these are what I have off the top of my head.

    The main point of this post is to explain my idea to bring up a CAPTCHA window for any users who are suspected of hacking or using bots in-game.
    The CAPTCHA wouldn't have to be that difficult to read, since I imagine getting a CAPTCHA-reading bot to work in-game is probably enough of a challenge for hackers anyway and the whole purpose is simply to force people to keep an eye on their game.

    If the suspected "bot" fails to respond to the CAPTCHA in a certain amount of time (let's say 30 seconds as an example), it kicks them out of the game. Since this automated system is not perfect, it would never have the ability to ban a user from the game.

    Please let me know what you guys think of this suggestion and feel free to offer any of your own ideas.

    TL;DR: CAPTCHA people who are suspected of hacking and kick them if they do not respond to the CAPTCHA