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  • 50% = 0%

    That's probably because Nexon's probability doesn't work like "real-world" scenarios. I want to make a bet that the probability chances are created by gathering, random extreme low chances and then random extreme high chances...that eventually adds up to the 50%.

    Honestly, that's probably how they program most of their %. I admit, it's very misleading. You honestly just hit the moment where the scrolls were at their lower %.
  • Anti-AFK mobs and Lag

    I'm not sure if anyone has noticed the increase in server lag that started since the last maintenance. However, there have been multiple times where the server seems to freeze up, and your character is just sitting duck on the map.

    This wouldn't be much of a problem, but when you're in a training map with those annoying "anti-AFK" creatures spawning which causes you to die, then it becomes a problem. Yes, you can just close your game, but judging by the server lag, your character probably wouldn't even register as logged out in real-time for the server.

    This is very frustrating because it takes a long time to gain exp, especially when you're above level 200.

    Honestly, I don't even understand why we even have those anti-afk thing here in GMS..maybe map hogging is a real problem in KMS but definitely not here. If you're so concerned about people hogging maps during 2x event, just activate the anti afk creatures DURING/BEFORE 2x.

    Nexon, please get rid of this attitude of "we rather hit everyone, than miss one" crap. You're punishing the entire game population for a few bad apples.
  • "Illegal program or malicious code detected" -

    I'm having the same issue...it has been happening A LOT more frequently since the last maintenance and it's getting pretty frustrating.

    Please stop wrecking the game after each maintenance...SMH.

    All of your "anti-hack" feature and deterrent seems to punish legit players rather than catching hackers.
  • Which to play first (unfunded)? Hero vs TB

    You'll get the most bang for your bucks off a Hero.
  • New Gollux still sucks, but I'm done whining

    Quilava wrote: »
    This patch is trash in general.
    -Gollux buffed to the point where you have to have 30k+ stats to even stand a chance against it and the hit boxes are broken.
    -Familiar drop rates nerfed to hell.
    -Certain monsters in the familiar badge collection are unobtainable or had extremely low drop rates even before the so called "fix"
    -Broken potential lines.
    -Familiars not being saved properly

    This right here is how you kill your game, by making progress impossible for newcomers. I feel sorry for the new players that are joining due to the closure of MS2 and the quarantine.

    The gollux revamp would easily be fixed if they would make it into a party type situation or make it so the drops or at least the coins were instanced based. The idea of solo-ing bosses just never sat right.

    With the right reward, there shouldn't be a problem of dead PQs...people just don't do them anymore because there are more incentives to solo play, let's change that with gollux PQ.