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  • *NEW* Cash Shop Suggestions Thread

    Item type: NX item
    Item name: Mix Dye Item Coupon
    New addition, the idea came from character simulators.
    Essentially, much like the Mix Dye Hair/Lens coupons, or any pet dye coupon, this item would allow us to customize the color of both normal and NX equipment items.
    Example in the picture: I tried changing color of a Falling Darkness Cape.

  • Customer support gone drunk?


    I recently asked the Support team to help me find an item (a glove I opened a specific thread for).
    These are the replies I got...

    "I understand your concern about the Orihalcon Arbion. With regard to this, you can obtain the item by defeating Mama Monkey, Jr. Wraith, Zeta Gray, and Mecateon. However, we cannot assure you that the item will exactly drop from them since it is being tied to chances and random, the outcome is definitely uncertain. It may or may not go the way you preferred."

    ...well, okay, too bad the list is so outdated that one of the monsters doesn't even exist anymore (the others don't drop anymore).

    "However, you can also try finishing the Helping Fix Eos Tower quest since there is also a possibility that you obtain the said item upon finishing this quest. Unfortunately, this is still based on random chances. Thus, we can only ask to do this knowing that it will still be RNG."

    I tried that, according to sites it was supposed to reward me Yellow Briggon glove if I were a warrior, the Arbion if I were a thief etc. Too bad I got a Dark Clench, which was not listed as a possible reward, meaning the reward was changed.

    So I started wondering whether they are actually able to check drop lists or if they just don't want to help or are not really good at doing so.
    This is what I was told afterwards:

    "I truly understand that you would like to know where to obtain Orihalcon Arbion Gloves and apologies for the inconvenience it causes you. Unfortunately, we afraid that we are unable to provide a specific drop or loot information and we would like you to consult the forum or community sites for additional information whether the item is still available. We are hoping for your cooperation and understanding with this."

    "I understand that you wish to inquire further details regarding the Orihalcon Arbion. Unfortunately, we're unable to disclose any further information as that will create unfairness to other players that found the item without help. Hoping for your understanding regarding this matter."

    First I was indeed given information, albeit incorrect.
    Now I can't be given information because it creates "unfairness".
    I don't know what to reply. I literally always have a reply, this time I'm just amazed.