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  • Lab Server LV.200 Reward Bug.

    100% unacceptable. They sure as hell better be fixing that nonsense. All the proof is there for the people that both completed VL (meaning they hit 150 and died) and then getting to 200. There is NO REASON that we should have to forfeit and re-accept that quest. Absolutely no reason. Wasting my effing time like that, when the ONLY notifier was barely a noticeable "update" blip on the Lab event page. One of which that wasn't even broadcast. I'm going to hold out for a retroactive fix, because there is no way I am going to get to 200 again. Complete BS.
  • Bitty Car Pack?!

    Wow. That is pretty unacceptable. My buddy (who RARELY -AND I MEAN NEVER-) bought the package SPECIFICALLY because it offered a buff. I think it's extremely idiotic, NOT TO MENTION LAZY, that they "corrected" it to NOT give a buff at all.
  • Who ISN'T transferring to Bera?

    It makes me sad how many people moved out of GRAZED........ Like for real sad. But I'm here to stay.
  • From an old mapler, my rant about the game

    Old Maple story was great. I'm just as nostalgic as the next individual. But new Maple is fine. If you're a veteran, there is SOOOO much more to do in new Maple than there was in old maple.

    That being said, everyone is being spoiled more or less with "instant gratification". New players will never know the struggling of leveling or scrolling like we did!

    Which is fine. I loved the social aspect of old Maple, but I have no problem being social in the new one. I can socialize while I merch, and then when it's time to train, I get into it. I love being able to make a legion mule with 1 2x card.

    Do I miss the PQs? Sure. But that doesn't mean you can't still get a group together and do them for Monster Collection.

    And scrolling? I love it! So much simpler to scroll now, AND AS LONG AS YOU ARE PATIENT, you can get yourself a perfect weapon. If anything, the vets of the day should be able to reminisce about some of the aspects of old maple, while fully appreciating some of the changes! What you have to realize is this is an MMO. Not all about catering to YOU!