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  • Changes to Drop Rate Formula Confirmation

    hayman wrote: »
    After the statement again from the admin. I believe this is solely targeting people with drop gear rather than helping the unfunded players. Nerfing us so we can all struggle to play maple again. Raise your hands if anyone want to do 50 bosses a day to get 5 cubes every day and never able to tier your items out. Or farm hours and hours of event boxes to get coins or weeks upon weeks to get nodestone? Why make some party quest where unfunded players can do to get free meso and good items instead of nerfing everything .

    You won't be able to boss for cubes really in 6 months when bosses entry limit is changed to 1 entry a day/week. Honestly I really hope all maplers see that this will hurt all players.... Not that it will help much nexon already has it's mind made up
  • Changes to Drop Rate Formula Confirmation

    Silva wrote: »
    Well, as those are who complaining are mostly those with high drop rate gear, I'll make my opinion heard as someone with no drop rate gear (and will never be able to get one) despite the hate I may get.

    Higher base drop rate for nodestones and other highly desired items? Hurray for that!!!

    The way it's worded makes it sounds like hurray for unfounded right? See kms already got this patch and kms players already tested this even the lowest funded players will feel the effects.

    If you want the bigger picture see most funded players already finished their node work and are well over 540 AF, most are working on perfecting their umbra weapons, so who does this really hurt?
  • Changes to Drop Rate Formula Confirmation

    "From the release of new content, a visible line could be seen between those with a great deal of drop rate gear to those who could not acquire such gear. "

    So are we going to see a nerf to frenzy totems or firestarter rings? there's a huge visible line between those with these items and those who could not acquire such gear.
    Probably not seeing as these items are whats making people throw money at the game right now. we all knew the nerf was coming but don't try to belittle us by saying its for the players
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