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  • Even more laggy than before

    Imagine all the people coming just to see the 5th job and get to see this massive lagfest... i truly hope it gets sorted out soon (but i'm not counting on it)

    by the way, i'm having the following issues too...

    - Kill freeze/lag (When killing certain monsters, game freezes for a moment, proportional to the amount of monsters killed)
    - Loot freeze/Lag ( When picking up items the game freezes for a moment, certain items affects more than others [example: rice cake flour])
    - Event hall freeze/lag ( Upon entering the event hall the game starts freezing slowly, it becomes harder to move/get out the longer i stay there)
    - Quest completion freeze/lag ( Game freezes for a moment when completing some special quests like the rice cake UI.. )
    - Rice cake UI animation freeze/lag ( the animation of the cakes being made when picking up the related item causes the game to freeze for a moment )
    - Quest progress freeze/lag ( performing actions that changes progress of a quest causes the game to freeze for a moment [example: 'Kill XXX monsters' OR 'Collect YYY items from monsters']
    - Random crashing of the game client (whenever the game feels like it, i get to see my desktop background, sometimes with a nice 'Maplestory stopped working' greeting... sometimes nothing at all... it's also done it during the intro animations/videos of the game)

    and a lot of other issues, but those are the ones that fit into this thread....

    Oh, also... to help reduce the lag on the event hall, i suggested a workaround here: http://forums.maplestory.nexon.net/discussion/comment/10797/#Comment_10797

    EDIT: I forgot to say that all that lag/freezing seems to trigger the "You have been blocked by the GM for the HACK reason" and get disconnected from the game