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  • [MAP/NPC] Event Hall Lag

    Problem is the Admin, Cassandra and Gaga...

    i suggested a workaround to decrease the lag on this thread http://forums.maplestory.nexon.net/discussion/comment/10797/#Comment_10797

    how long 'til nexon tries it? probably years considering how long they took to recognize the 'town lag' and moved those 3 out of towns...
  • [MAP/NPC] Event Hall Lag

    Yeah, so the workaround is to forget about your char and play anew, huh?

    Lag is caused, as far as i remember, by Admin, Cassandra and Gaga (Mostly the Admin). it's probably because of the bad scripting and insane amount of checks done to you character (quests completed/in progess, items in your possesion and probably some other actions), when they were in towns we had exactly the same problem, after a lot of "Our game is perfect, your computer must be the problem", they created the event hall and moved them there, but the problem is still the same...

    the fix would be obviously to optimize their behaviour, but a workaround could be placing portals inside the event hall and move each of those 3 to their own tiny map, it would still be laggy but nowhere near what we have now.
  • [MAP/NPC] Event Hall Lag

    Event hall lag is just the "town lag" we had some time ago, before they came up with the event map and move the NPCs there.

    Problem was the combination of 2 of Maple Admin, Cassandra And Gaga, all 3 lagged even more, this could be easily proven going to different towns, for example, henesys had a lot of lag in the center of the map, walking to the end of the map one NPC got unloaded (dissapeared from the minimap) and lag went away, on Leafre it was the same thing, on Aqua Road there were only cassandra and Gaga so the lag were a lot less in there.

    the workaround was, as we (the community) told them, move those NPCs, but Each to their own map, make it accesible from the Event Hall... i'm sure lag would be minimum this way...

  • Extreme lag after 10/27 maintenance.

    It's weird that such a problem that affects a lot of people is left like this, should be a priority to fix, i guess this is what they mean with a "Better Maple", right?

    But seriously, makes me wonder if the NPC lag is also caused by this issue, a repeted "Failed to connect or do something and then retry every second" times all the npcs they put on the same map.

    i remember back then when towns started to lag like crazy, we repeatedly told nexon the problem was the event NPCs, after weeks or months of saying it wasn't their problem but our computer's they finally moved them to the event map and town lag went away. Now we got "Event map lag", because they put all the NPCs on the same spot, an easy workaround would be moving the admin, cassandra and Gaga, each to their own map... call it Admin's office or W/E, it'll be interesting to see the lag reduced a lot, almost gone... but that probably won't happen anytime soon...