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  • Regarding new 5th Job Skills

    some of the 5th job skill descriptions dont even match with KMS (ex. Demon Avenger)
  • i just can't play maple 1 anymore...

    Since last friday, my maple 1 decides to crash randomly for no reason even though my internet is solid that I can browse sites correctly. I had to keep readjusting the router antennas but nothing seems to be working. Ima as well move on to Maple 2 because that game has no problems wutsoever with my router.
  • Black Mage Legion Application - Contest

    Name: Vengevoid
    Character Name: Voidvenger (my ideal hair and eyes are Blue Tristan Hair and Constantly Curious Face, everything else that's Black and Blue version of my current character).
    Story: I lived through 2 different lives, two different demons. I was revived by the unknown and became a Demon Avenger. During both lives, I was tortured by cruel and cold humans, bullied all over the place, unable to sleep due to trauma...IT'S COMPLETELY UNBEARABLE. I used to be told that there's always peace every day but I was being lied to by filthy humans. I had literally everything taken away from me. Is there anything left? 8 years passed, rather just sitting down and being violent towards myself, I have decided to face destiny and destroy those who bring me down. I didn't care who I destroy, I just want satisfaction and pleasure of delivering karma. I'm willing to set the world on dark blue flames til there's nothing left.
    So Black Mage, we have a common enemy and goal of building a new world, and I will handle every aspect by your orders, not my instincts. Not a single past commander was able to destroy the entire world because of their own goals. I, on the only hand, will not have my selfish act stand in the way of your agenda. This is the will of the Black Mage and it shall be done. I fight for survival and for the Black Mage only. Your choice, my lord.
  • Bonus Potential Cubes in Rewards Shop plz

    Not the first time I requested. Not everybody can invest money in BPot Cubes and I ran into a situation where I wanted a double boss line or a combination of boss and att% on my main potential, but instead I got double att% and 1 pdr line. Now I wanna try to get more att% on the bonus potential on my secondary (which i failed to) so i can safely try to get boss damage in my main potential. getting the stats u wanted in bonus potential, chances are unpleasant. So i think Bpot cubes should be in the rewards shop so that everyone else can get access too.
  • We all want a merge

    ima as well pack up my things and quit then...