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  • problems with performance

    I'm also having a lag issue. On maps like Limina 1-4 or 1-5, especially with Frenzy Totem active on the map, I drop to noticeably below 30 FPS and I've never had that issue before even after training 2+ hours on Frenzy in these maps. I changed my graphics from highest quality to the lowest quality and the same issue persists. Using a graphics-intensive attack will often give me lag spikes for several seconds and at this point I'm just predicting where my character will move to since my screen ends up having a 1-2 second delay from key inputs as a result of the lag. Unplayable and I wouldn't think of training in these conditions.
  • Flames: "STR is free", but DEX, INT, & LUK weren't

    Based on the information that has come out about flames, it seems that Jump and All Stat % were commonly paired as flame options. Every class, save Demon Avengers, were affected by this issue as detailed in the Flames/Inner Ability memo out today. STR classes who obtained a STR flame would have the whole pool of other flame options available to them. However, other classes whose main stat is not STR and rolled their main stat as a flame option were disproportionately negatively affected by the rigged RNG system of flames.

    If you were a DEX class and rolled a DEX flame option, you had a 50% chance to obtain STR as another flame option. Far worse is if you were a LUK class and rolled a LUK flame option, you had a 50% chance to obtain either STR, DEX, or INT as another flame option. And the worst is if you were an INT class and rolled an INT flame option, you had a 50% chance to obtain either STR or DEX as another flame option.

    I understand that there will likely never be a compensation that fully satisfies players for the rigged RNG in flames, but it seems unfair that STR classes seem to be receiving the same flame compensation as DEX, LUK, and INT classes when the latter three were affected much more than STR classes. DEX, LUK, and INT classes should receive slightly more compensation than STR classes with INT classes receiving the most compensation and DEX the least [of the additional] compensation.