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  • You need to upgrade your other gear and damage sources to be ready for Hwill. Will is a tricky boss and you 100% NEED TO KNOW THE MECHANICS, it is not a boss you can just get carried through. Some things may very quickly disqualify you from joini…
  • Update: with the new v227 patches, Princess No and Akechi RP cannot be redeemed as well.
  • Was gonna make a thread for this, but it's already here. No RP for Gollux or Ranmaru.
  • Bowmaster's SP got fixed in the mini patch (one of four fixed!) Phantom is still missing 10 SP each in second and third job Hayato has even more SP than before the mini patch Jett has the same SP (more than enough) than before the mini patch
  • I'm also having a lag issue. On maps like Limina 1-4 or 1-5, especially with Frenzy Totem active on the map, I drop to noticeably below 30 FPS and I've never had that issue before even after training 2+ hours on Frenzy in these maps. I changed my gr…
  • Bowmasters also have this issue with their new Attack Speed passive. Wild Hunters (at least mine) doesn't have the issue and isn't missing SP. To be more specific on the OP, the skills that are missing SP are Cane Acceleration and Bad Luck Ward (…
  • I get where you're coming from. The Piggy Bank was... painful to lose in regular servers. It was the majority of the income in regular servers actually, averaging 100m/week compared to the 63m/week from the tours themselves if you did it continually…
  • darik wrote: » Dude you have such a selfish point of view, so they need to buff hirricane classes but you dont care about weaker classes? Youre being extremelly selfish. Just by that statement i wont even bother reading your next comments. Yu…
  • Sorrow wrote: » I just wanted to see what your true colors were based on how you answered my questions. It is quite clear now you are only concerned for yourself and have no regard for any class that is beneath yours; therefore, I am going to stro…
  • It wasn't a lack of self-awareness, it was a mock response. Let's move onto real discussion about this issue. (In before this becomes a discussion about self-awareness). As Bommell said, it appears that I and the OP are misinformed. I did believe…
  • Sorrow wrote: » Which is more logical? (1) Rebalance a few unhappy classes by boosting their % damage; or (2) Upset 90% of your player base by nerfing the attack speed cap and then having endless backlash on social media platforms? On a side …
  • Bump. I'm in agreement with this. If GMS continues to follow the KMS class balance patches without a mind of its own, it needs to remove the soft cap of attack speed stage 2 and make it a hard cap. Every class that benefits from broken cap attack sp…
  • Can confirm this happens to me as well. Why it's important: You won't be able to run daily Pink Bean and weekly Chaos Pink Bean. You will be forced to sacrifice your daily entry for CPB attempt.