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  • Maple Achievement Nautilus Exploration Achievement

    Unbelievable how incompetent a full development team can be to fix a simple thing like this. And, "MapleStory is spaghetti code" is not an excuse. They simply don't care longer than a second to fix existing content.
  • reward points

    Monthly cap with an event that gives you 1700 points per day. Amazing galaxy brain move
  • Permit certain cash equip to move to CS inventory

    Please, for god's sake. There is no reason to disallow equipment parts to move to the cash shop inventory, such as the Noble Maple equipment, the Maple M reward equipment or the permanent equipment parts you currently get from the Bakery coupon. I don't want to give them up but at the same time it's extremely annoying they cannot be moved, and absolutely nothing speaks for disallowing it for these items, when you have cash equipment from other events allowing to move, like the Gumshoe set or the Nyen hats.

    Additionally, some items cannot even be removed by the incinerator so if you're unaware then your equipment slot(s) is locked off.
  • Reduce Box chance for Monsterbloom

    In all honesty but the Substantial Box you get from the Monsterbloom instead of getting a new entry for your monster collection is scammy af, and very disappointing to get. Despite of saying "and with some luck" you get three boxes out of five monsterblooms, that is dumb.

    Either reduce the "luck chance" for these boxes or remove it entirely because their reward isn't even good and currently paying 200 coins only to get some reward points and *maybe* something you could use (trait, spell traces, etc.) is an awful trade.
  • [Rant] What's up with those events /rewards?

    To be fair, all crossover events were trash. Bug Brawl sounded like a cool idea but was pretty dull imo, and sort of annyoing and nonsense how it was working. Divine Intelligence is fairly cool, didn't feel too big and unsatisfying to do. Dark Totems were probably removed since we are going to get more similar to KMS having no totems, just a random guess. And I agree that the description for Ghoulbusters is pretty poor and hard to understand correctly but this isn't something new...

    At this point I would prefer to have less events but being longer, the card captor sakura event held for three weeks iirc, which is imo a decent time. The event itself didn't offer much but at least it wasn't too grindy like the current Ghoulbusters - which I personally don't enjoy in all honesty.