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  • Allow World Leap into Windia

    Arwoo wrote: »
    Hi guys, this suggestion was discussed with the team and we've read all the comments posted in this thread. However, the decision was made final. Windia along with Scania are to remain unavailable in this round of World Transfer.

    We're sorry to those of you who looked forward to this event to either join friends in another world or to move over other characters for linked skills. While Windia and Scania are both unavailable for this round of World Transfer due to their popularity, this may not be the case in future events.

    Windia community gave a lot of effort to participate in this petition forum. This exactly proves that you guys never listen to our request. We have over 100 voting, 2k+ views, and 30+ comments. Your reasoning for excluding Windia is invalid. This petition is out of our concern for our own community, you guys are not considering this in our perspective. Tell us exactly why you are excluding Windia, and tell us how Windia is comparable to Scania in population. You are asking for us to wait for another 2 years... ? Might as well move to Bera where everyone will flood in during this world leap event. Give us a good reasoning why Windia is excluded.
  • Allow World Leap into Windia

    The issue addressing at the present moment is the inability to "world leap" into Windia.
    There is no reason why Windia should be excluded from the upcoming World Leap.

    The GMs and the game team consider both Scania and Windia as main servers and used
    that as the reason for the restriction of world leap into Windia.

    However, that is not the case as Windia and Bera are pretty close in both overall population and active population.
    If Windia was included in the previous world leap, there should not be a reason to exclude Windia this time.

    Comparing Windia to Scania, there is clearly a significant trend in population.
    Preventing Scania from the World Leap is expected... but why Windia?

    It is inevitable that a given portion of Windia population will "world leap" out of Windia, and after this event ends,
    Windia will undoubtably face a decline in population.

    This upcoming World Leap event would result in an imbalance of players in GMS, crushing some
    communities as the active players leave for active servers

    Lets Allow World Leap into Windia!
    BranfrakesTempWindiaBurritoBowlJicuTacoLOLDeeZellHachuKlaraRenniFennekinand 18 others.