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  • Strange/Unique Equips in Reboot

    Please bring back the content where these items originated from or add a new method of obtaining them. Cool and unique gear in Reboot with anvil-potential has been on a steady decrease ever since the server's release.

    Items in question:
    Spectrum Goggles
    Smiley, Frowny and Sad Mask
    White and Brown Raccoon Mask
    Astaroth boots, gloves, hats and weapons
    Pink and Purple Adventurer Cape
    Blitz Helm, Power Mane, Arcana(?) Crown
    Branch Nose
    Rat Mouth
    Male and Female Blizzard (Aran) Set
    Unwelcomed Guest Alien armor (from the event almost a decade ago- these drops can be added to the Alien Visitor party quest)
    Khanjar and Dragon Khanjar
    Christmas Socks
    Pickpocket Pilfer
    Blood Mask, Reverse Dual Blade Mask
    All colors of Work Gloves
    All colors of Bandanas
    All colors of Old Wisconsin
    Fishing Pole (spear)
    Nocturnal Staff
    Bosshunter helmet, overall and boots

    These items can be added in any manner... as long as they are actually obtainable (unlike Terminus weapons). You can add them as cash equips or as drops from underused GMS-exclusive content. People will buy hundreds and hundreds of equip anvils if just a fraction of these items were to return.
  • Recent 3 day bans


    I am one of the many recent victims of a 3 day temporary ban for "violating the terms of service through inappropriate chat conduct."

    Considering these short temporary bans have never happened in this frequency before, clearly something was changed that we are not aware of. And on top of that, whoever or whatever reviews player reports is doing it poorly. When I submitted a ticket to ask why I was banned, they told me it was for the "harassment of one or more users." I have never said anything to anyone in game in the past five years that could be characterized as harassment. This is the first time in my 10 years of playing that I have ever had any kind of restriction placed on my account.

    Because of this, I cannot launch the game anymore without being ridiculously paranoid that my account will have been banned again without proper reason. Whatever garbage was added to the system that detects profanity needs to be changed immediately. Whenever I play Maple now I am living in fear that some random person can report me and then subsequently get me banned just because the automated system only has half the intelligence of a sweet potato.