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  • We all want a merge

    Bioooms wrote: »
    yet you call me back out, and I appreciate the call out, but the last time I wrote something here was about 4 days ago. So, I appreciate the call out and opportunity to respond to you. But I decline to comment. Thank you, have a good day.

    Thank you Biooms for the feedback and for the opportunity to respond, but it would be best advised to not make this personal about me and my discipline or lack of, but rather feel free to contribute to the topic. If you feel that something hasn't been said regarding this request, feel free to bring it up.

    there's a difference between declining to add on to the subject matter and addressing a call out, or a trap that's been set to further spiral things out of topic. If I begin to address every thing you've tried to point out with added "constructive" criticism, I'd be falling into a trap. So, again, I thank you for the opportunity to respond.

    sry you said
    DarkPassenger wrote: »
    yeah, im not participating in this thread anymore, same arguments on both sides. you want a response? re read the thread.

    You were declining to add to the thread, not to the subject matter. at least that's what you said. So since you are participating again do you mind repeating your suggestion on this issue? Reminding you that this is a suggestion forum, so waiting for the think tank seems to negate the purpose of this forum. Either way though i'm sure you'll just generalize the opinions and suggestions of people you disagree with, like you did a few pages ago
    Most of you that want a merge are the same ones that do take long breaks or even quit "without the thought of coming back", why the hell would your voice have more value, what if there's a merge and you guys end up quitting. There would have been a merge to appease you, then you quit, which mathematically, may happen since it you just said you quit for a year. And others say they missed the transfer because they weren't playing.

    Seems you made it pretty personal here passenger. Please just state your suggestion lets keep this goin'.
  • We all want a merge

    All this has already been said. Just let the think-tank do its thing.

    Why would you bother posting this comment? Please refer to your comment two pages ago about saying the same things over again "yeah, im not participating in this thread anymore, same arguments on both sides. you want a response? re read the thread".

    See if you analyze your post from acouple pages ago it's clear you no longer want to interact with this thread because the same arguments are being stated on both sides. However two pages later you address this thread again by saying "all this has already been said" in another one of your posts. This is also very contradictory behaviour on your part. You came back to the thread you no longer wanted to be apart of for the same reason you wanted to leave the thread. How can we trust the opinion of someone who is unsure of what they themself want? Please explain your thinking here it is confusing me.

    Because all I know is a lot of us need a merge (or alli if you prefer). More people mentioning the same arguments will reinforce their validity to Nexon when they read through this suggestion thread (idealistically atleast). So I don't see it as redundant, but rather reinforcing, yet here you are trying to derail the thread you don't want to be a part of. Reflect on your approach to this DarkPassenger.
  • We all want a merge

    yeah, im not participating in this thread anymore, same arguments on both sides. you want a response? re read the thread.

    "seems like you want players to give charity" yeah it seems like that to you, to fit your narrative. good job. After explaining the means of funding, you chose to see it that way.

    How is me donating money to a cause not charity? should we set up a gofundme page for Nexon to merge servers and not ask for donations? There are a variety of ways to attain funding, one of them is through charitable donations. "how much are you willing to put in for the merge" -You. How does this not seem like charity to anybody else? please anybody chime in on this one. This is not me stretching the situation to fit my narrative this is exactly what you said man. I hope it doesn't come to the players having to directly "fund" Nexon for this to happen.