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  • My override box just went poof wtf

    IcyCanine6 wrote: »
    Lol every update this has happened they gave the boxes back. No need to get upset. This has happened with the Vupdate ect. It is nothing new

    Still not seeing any word on boxes returning still.

    Check announcements. Arwoo just posted an update regarding known issues.
  • Deleting a character: incorrect message

    What AKradian is saying is correct. I made sure to test both these points before creating this bug report thread. Here is what I did to test it:
    I created a brand new Kaiser character and purchased a monster park coupon (2.5mil) in the cash shop. I took it out of the cash shop and put it in my character's item inventory. I then logged out and deleted that character. Note that this is the only Nova character I had, so it was the last of that class-group. I then created another new Kaiser (Nova) and logged back in. What I found was that the item was in fact still there AND moved back to the cash shop. I have known this change for a while, but I wanted to test and be sure it was the case before reporting it.

    It now behaves just as the shared explorer cash inventory did. Therefor, the "deleted" message is no longer accurate. I'm hoping this issue can be addressed, as the warning message is very misleading now.
  • Name Change Coupon Disappeared, is this normal?

    This is certainly a bug, but your requests still should have gone through. Check to see if you can create a new character with both of the names you requested. If you cannot, that should mean it went through and should be changed come the posted maintenance.
  • Fast Travel Guide

    Welcome to my Fast Travel Guide for MapleStory. This guide's purpose is to help players navigate the game both quickly and efficiently. I will discuss a few of the best means of transportation in the game as of the Fifth Job Update update (v.179).

    As of me writing this guide, the best free method of travel involves using the Interdimensional Portal located at Six Path Crossway on Victoria Island. Interacting with the portal will give you the option to go to Pantheon. Once you are moved to Pantheon, you will need to click the portal once more to have access to most of the major towns in-game. I will explain to you the quickest methods of reaching Six Path Crossway so you may utilize the Interdimensional Portal whenever needed.

    Quickest way to Six Path Crossway (free) (Lvl 100+)
    Mushroom Shrine Tales brought with it the fastest method of travel back to the town of Henesys. I have determined this the fastest method because it requires no return scroll or need to use the Dimensional Mirror in any way.

    1) Go to the left of your screen and click the light bulb icon and accept the quest "[Mushroom Shrine Tales] Go to the Mushroom Shrine."
    2) Once you are moved, locate the green crystal called "Heart of Zipangu." This will allow you to move to Henesys.
    3) Once you reach Henesys, on the left of your screen you should select "Quick Move."
    4) Select the ship icon and move to Victoria Tree Platform. Descend down the ladder in this map and you will reach Six Path Crossway.

    Alternative way to Six Path Crossway (free) (Lvl 33+)
    For players who have not reached level 100 or above, there is another quick method you can use. This will require starting FriendStory and watching a short cut-scene. (This is a one-time requirement.)

    1) Locate the Dimensional Mirror located in various towns throughout the game and select FriendStory as your destination.
    2) Once moved, take the portal to your left to reach the town of Henesys.
    3) Once you reach Henesys, on the left of your screen you should select "Quick Move."
    4) Select the ship icon and move to Victoria Tree Platform. Descend down the ladder in this map and you will reach Six Path Crossway.

    Most efficient method of transporation in-game (Requires NX/Mesos)

    1) Visit the cash shop at the bottom of your screen and find the tab to the left called "Time Savers." Locate the item named "Hyper Teleport Rock."
    2) Depending on the world you are in, the item will require either mesos or NX to purchase.
    3) Once purchased, you may teleport using the world map and even directly to another player instantly.

    Maple Guide (free) (Lvl 10+)
    Upon logging in, you will notice a small box called the Maple Guide. This is a super helpful tool for quickly teleporting to training spots around your level. I highly suggest using this as another fast method of travel.
  • Even after I offered my wallet to the nexon gods..

    Is there a way to view the poll without voting?

    I've noticed you can view it while logged out. Otherwise it seems you must vote first if already logged in.