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March 15, 1996
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  • The new maplestory achievements and goals thread

    recently maxed out the inv. slots on my main character in reboot, going for storage next...

    also going to try improving my gear to hopefully be able to challenge normal mag.
  • Pie or cake?

    i prefer cheesecake, but regular cake is close enough...
  • Suggestion to make Reboot more fun for all players

    The correct solution is not to increase meso drops on other mobs, but to adjust non-KMS areas to behave like KMS areas.
    Which means: Mobs have 10x the HP, and no meso drops if you're over 20 levels higher than the mobs.
    pretty much this^

    although, i've been playing around with the idea of a reboot only party quest that awards meso instead of exp.
    If the rewards are too good, people will be stuck there 24/7 (think R&J PQ, except for life).
    If the rewards are not good enough, nobody will go there.
    however if it's able to get close enough to the "average" amount of meso without actually reaching it, it would become an alternative area for those who would rather have some difference in grinding...

    and i figured it was implied that it would have a daily limit... somewhere around 15 runs per day would be fine...

    reb00t will never really be fun unless u think afking and collecting mesos is fun. i rather reb00t get removed and the population go back to the worlds again

    and then we would be returned to the problem of literally every mid-game to end-game boss being locked from the majority of players unless they pay out the nose for nearly every enhancement item (which the majority of that majority can't)...
  • The new maplestory achievements and goals thread


    i finally hit my first level 200, after almost 9 years of flip-flopping between classes, i finally did it...

    also i plan on getting the last 2 parts of my futuroid soon, missing 5 and 6, and i seem to be getting more 2's and 7's than anything.
  • The new maplestory achievements and goals thread

    just popping this in as a new medium to post what you've achieved in the past or even recently.

    feel free to post your achievements big and small.

    i'll start off with me almost getting my first futuroid after missing literally every other futuroid event due to scheduling conflicts...
    will post images soon.