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  • Joypad-friendly class for next burning event

    using a controller fo maplestory is fun. it feels different
  • Night lords needs a buff

    I'm not talking about damage here because they already do an absurd amount of damage, but nexon needs to remove the 100 throwing star cost from the buff(i forgot what the skill is called) i think its unfair that archer classes gets soul arrow that you can spam indefinetly without spending any resources(except mp) while NL has a relatively low-capped 700 to 2200 throwing star that consumes VERY quickly upon repeated uses.

    you need to have high funding to kill bosses quickly or ur fucked. like i was doing easy horntail the other day i was just under the minimum range needed but i knew i could kill him because you get an hour to beat him and then i ran out of throwing stars because the fight dragged on for over 20 minutes.

    i just think it's unfair that archer classes gets to have multiple 9999 arrows + soul arrow.
    NL turns me off a bit because of this.

    what are your thoughts?
  • I want housing in this game

    a place where your guildies can hang out and beating up bosses can result in furniture drops that you can use to customize the house further!
    i think this would be neat!

    imagine having the head of horntail hanging above a furnace! >:)
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  • Emergency Maintenance: 5/11/2017

    arwoo's cosplay will forever haunt my soul
  • Hi i have two questions

    I've read on ayumiloves website that blaze wizards gets called hackers, is this still a thing. because i just rolled a blaze wizard and dont want to get mass reported for playing a class i enjoy :(

    second when is a good time to open the heatwave boxes, they seem to always give you 18% exp per opening so at what level is it prefererred to open them? :)
    and i would like to have some mature friends to play with as well. you can add me on reboot IGN: Rinbu

    happy mapleversary!