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  • Durability System

    Why are you actively trying to ruin quality of life for everyone?
  • Regarding Server Merges

    WONDERGUY wrote: »

    players allready moved or about to move to the most active world without merge and without their progres( or just quit untill better days)

    Then why merge anyway? Why bother the people who willingly stayed in their worlds?
    new players dont even look at dead worlds
    They do. People join other worlds besides Bera or Reboot, believe it or not.
    95% of the boters are in one world allready ( i would like to see weekly ban data organised by worlds)
    lag its there especially at 2x and hours when boters are most active and its not all related to population (CM allready mentioned about recent crash/lag that is being done by illicit behaviours)
    Would you like to have 100% of them in one world instead? Have them lag the server even worse, and make channels more likely to go down?
    but all that doesnt matter ,when only 5-6people oppse the merge
    "want" to be in dead world or just be selfish to other and not let other players move their progress with them to active world

    Step outside the bubble of the forums and suggest all the regular worlds be merged. You're going to be met with backlash from more than the few people who deign to argue with people that can't see the side effects of thier suggestion.

    Also do you want to know what really is selfish? Beliving that you know what's best for half the game population while ignoring or writing off anything that is wrong with your suggestion, and anything that could go wrong. Multiple people have told you (and the others clamoring for a server merge) why it shouldn't happen, yet you refuse to listen to any reasons why it shouldn't happen.

    Say all regular worlds do get merged into one. Now what happens? People are unable to find training maps due to how crowded this new server is. Lag is even worse due to all the people, and bots, jammed into one space. Channel crashes become even more frequent because of the strain put on the server. Scammers are able to go more undetected because of the huge population. People have even more difficulty logging in. People stop playing because of their inability to log in. Eventually the server dies out becuse of poor QoL brought on by a server merge from people that don't know how to see any problems with their plans.

    Merging all the paid servers would actually kill the game. And it'd be solely the fault of you and the others that think they know what's best, despite others pointing out current problems with the servers what would be intensified if you did get your way. And if the people not asking for a server merge are still the selfish ones here, I legitimately don't know what to tell you. At least we can see how our actions would affect other players.

    And as for the server transfer you want so badly: if you think they're going to let people transfer to Bera, the most populated regular server, after what happened in the last world transfer event, you're delusional. Bera is definitely going to be blocked off if Nexon even considers another transfer event. Plus people are going to complain about missing that one. You'll never be pleased.

    Even if they make a new "dead" server for people to join, does that not defeat the purpose of a server merge in the first place? Why would they introduce an empty world for people to transfer to, if the goal of your is server merge is to unite people?

  • Regarding Server Merges

    The tunnel vision on merging all the regular servers into one server on this forum is astounding to me. Especially when it comes from people who likely haven't played the game for an extended period of time and that think "maplestory is a massively multiplayer online game" is reason alone to merge all the regular servers.

    The only concern you seem to have is population. Other concerns that would drastically affect quality of life in their proposed server, like crowding, lag/stability, and bots are thrown to the wayside, despite being legitimate concerns in for the server you want.

    In regards to population, there's already two "big" servers for you to choose from: Reboot and Bera. Reboot already holds half the GMS population and is the most active server. It's also known for being difficult to find training spots in, and having stability issues. A world that results from merging all four regular servers would have a population on par with reboot. That would, in turn, also have it suffer the same problems as reboot. Bera's considered the largest regular server, and even it gets complaints regarding overcrowding and stability. If Bera was to merge with the other regular servers, those lssues would certainly get even worse. Yes, a low population in a server may not be a good thing. But some players would prefer to be in a less populated, more tight-knit server. A high population may actually turn some people away. Interacting with a lot of people can be overbearing. A low populated server would be preferable to those.

    Another issue regarding population is crowding. As I've mentioned before, Reboot and Bera are both notorious for overcrowding. Finding grinding spots in either world is difficult, Reboot especially. A world consisting of all four regular servers would make finding training spots nigh-impossible. This would be a major QoL decrease for players and would deter them from playing the game. Especially during 2x events, when the servers become particularly busy. More channels could be added, but that's only a band-aid fix to the issue. More channels and only hold so many more players/maps. And Nexon is very unlikely to provide more channels to your proposed server. Even then, more channels won't do much to alleviate issues of lag.

    Lag is a major concern for your propsed server. Reboot and Bera are known for lag. What makes you think your merge server won't? Better yet, if Elysium, the proportionally smallest server, somehow manages to lag, why wouldn't your proposed server lag?

    Finally, merging all the regular servers into one would further concentrate the bot populations of those servers into one mass. That would definitely be bad for the game health and player experience. Channels would be more likely to crash. Meso prices would skyrocket.

    All of these are reasons why a world merge wouldn't be healthy for the game, and shouldn't be implemented.

    As for a world transfer, face the reality: After the disaster of the last world transfer event, it's likely they'll never happen again. Even one did happen, Bera would likely be blocked off to prevent polarizing the world populations again.

    Also, as a person in a "dead" server: stop speaking for me. I, and several others, chose to stay in my dead server. I don't want people who haven't played Maplestory in a prolonged period of time to decide what's best for me, and neither do most of the players outside this forum.

    TL;DR - Stop asking for a world merge. You don't speak for everyone and clearly don't understand the consequences of merging half the GMS population into one server.

  • Regular servers are ruining Reboot

    I think you may want to reconsider who you're shifting blame onto. Regular servers aren't the one responsible for whatever vendetta Nexon seems to have against Reboot.

    Regarding suicide kannas, it's a kind of a grey area in my opinion. One one hand, banning them definitely creates a huge gap between newer/less funded players and those who can create Arkannas. On the other, I can see how a level ~140 area giving meso rates that rival those of the level 225+ could be problematic. Not saying it was a good idea, but I can kind of see the logic behind it. Plus dying repeatedly to stay within a level range is technically exploitative of game mechanics (as ridiculous as it may be). Regular servers definitely had no part in the banning of suicide kannas though. There's no reason to make one on them. However, I do agree Maple Tour is a terrible replacement in its current state.

    Gollux is actually hurtful to both regular servers and reboot. People who could kill Hell Gollux prevamp struggle with him now, reboot or not. The coin exchange limit is an arbitrary grind extender and has no real reason to exist except lengthen the time reg servers and rebooters need to take to get Gollux gear too. Anyone who had enough old Gollux coins, reg or reboot, has to wait at least 7 weeks if they want to swap all their coins for a superior item. It wasn't a change made just to spite reboot.

    The nerfing of Kishin definitely has nothing to do with reg servers since that nerf hurts us too. I think Nexon got rid of the 30 channels on reboot and bera due to not needing them at the time (they could definitely use them right now though). Also 30 channels would only really benefit Bera and Reboot, as I don't think the other worlds have enough players to justify 30 channels. Plus for the merged servers, I think they're still using the servers of the old worlds, but just combined.

    Money isn't the only thing to consider when merging servers btw. Server stability and crowding are also concerns. I also think its safe to assume more of Nexon's income comes from regular servers. I don't think this has anything to do with the last patches being harmful to reboot though. They haven't been very helpful to regular servers either.

    I think instead of blaming regular servers, you should blame poor decisions by Nexon themselves. The changes you claimed as harmful to reboot and beneficial to reg servers are harmful to regular too, except Maple Tour. Maple Tour is just a benign addition to regular servers. You do have reason to be mad though. The latest changes to Maple haven't been the greatest.
  • Ho Young 3rd Job Summon Skill: Seeking Ghost Flame

    Have you tried restarting your computer? If that doesn’t work, then it might be a lag issue. I noticed that the drakes walk in place near the end of the video, which is a sign of desync from the server.