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  • One opinion on how to fix Reboot Server

    Reboot and Lab can co-exist, but I agree bring back lab it looked like a lot of fun.
  • Kanna Revamp Feedback + Kishin Thoughts

    Farming at CFES1 and REV3 is ass now due to exo charm not being able to proc ghost often enough, sucks.
  • Removing Trade from all servers

    Daxterbeer wrote: »
    Latemaster wrote: »
    Ehm this would basically kill the game. On reboot you get quite a lot of meso and you can buy cubes with meso aswell so it's made to not have item trading. Reg servers are based upon that ppl trade stuff. Like when you get some rare accessories from somewhere, pitched boss set for example, and happen to cube 3 lines of wrong stat on it, someone will have use for it and buys it from you so you can make new one and no need to spend tons of nx on recubing and wasting the decent pot.

    This will only negatively affect the minority of the population that uses trade to get stronger. All other trades are black market trades because pretty much all rare items or 3L are automatically associated with real money and the seller doesn't want any volume of mesos. Even if it were mesos, they would then be converted to money. Even common items are so common people don't buy them because they can obtain them themselves unless these are bulk. The bulk transactions are also never mesos. No one uses mesos between players anymore, and even if they did, they plan on "converting" it.

    The game is far better with unhappy people than happy players breaking the ToS.
    Damn I thought this was a trollpost at first but you're 100% serious about this, trading is a major system in every mmo and I don't think removing it would be at all a smart decision.

  • Thoughts on Kanna and Fury Totem Changes

    Even worse is that it might hurt our rates even more than just 20%, considering it will have a much larger cooldown now (most likely not having 100% uptime) and the only way to increase it is with another skill (probably not giving it 100% uptime either), time to start buying totems on kanna lul
  • Night Lord / Night Walker

    Yacy wrote: »
    ShadEight wrote: »
    NLs should have their drain skill back

    What was NL drain skill ? I don't remember such skill.
    It was a skill that threw a singular star and did a bit of damage while healing for a decent amount. It was good back then to save on pots but I feel like it wouldn't have much use nowadays.