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E-sport player/gamer/student
  • Dutch restrictions and the Dutch authorities

    Olandese wrote: »
    i know right, its so stupid we cant use AH, what world are you from? iam dutch and from bera.

    I'm a Dutch player from Luna, been playing there since 2009 (former EMS Kradia)
  • Dutch restrictions and the Dutch authorities

    Since 3 months ago, I wondered why the Dutch restrictions wasn't removed. So I dived in this case and gathered answers from the Dutch authority "Kansspelautoriteiten" and from NEXON. Due to that it wasn't clarified on the MapleStory website which law had stated that Dutch players aren't allowed to trade (meanwhile, in other different games, it is allowed to trade except opening lootboxes).

    I've explained all in details about the Dutch restriction implemented by NEXON (boss-items, potions and or items dropped by monsters and mesos) to the Dutch authorities.
    So here I got the answer from the Dutch authority via the mail where they sent me the court case of EA FIFA as an example to explain the lootbox law. In the case of EA FIFA, players obtained from those lootboxes cannot be seen as a separate game. That's the reason why EA had won the case and the restrictions were lifted.
    I see this way the same for boss-items, items dropped by monsters ect, that they cannot be seen as a separate game and are needed in order to progress further in-game.

    The other day, NEXON senior player support asked me to send them an attorney.
    I will tell you the reason why an attorney is needed: they are the only ones who can do everything legally and fix all problems legally (since they are the ones who know a lot of laws). Basically everything what's law related, handling restrictions needs to be handled legally, and this counts the same for the implemented Dutch restrictions by NEXON.

    That's why this Dutch restriction issue is a complex situation.

    So what's next?
    I'm kind of stuck currently with the attorney, as in money related, it won't be cheap and as I already know I cannot pay this on my own.
    But I don't want to give up this case for all my fellow Dutch players. After 3 months of digging into this case, I am still trying to solve this issue.
    The attorney is currently my last option to solve the issue for all Dutch players.

    For the players who say "NEXON doesn't care about Dutch players or why are you still trying": you're wrong, they are open to solve this issue, but everything needs to be handled legally (this is because to prevent even more money loss or the worst case that the Dutch country can fine gaming organisations even more money).
  • Coming from EMS? Introduce yourself here!

    Hello my name is Bruno, im lvl 206 DrK im from Croatia.. And im glad to be with u guys.. LOVE U ALL
    LABYRITNH FTW and to my guild friends PATA PATA
    Labyrinth guild <3 forever and always a member<3
  • Coming from EMS? Introduce yourself here!


    I'm angelmelody from The Netherlands, 20 years old.
    I'm a student/gamer/E-sport gamer/player/ streamer.
    Just some months ago I formed an E-sport team for CSGO. I'm also a sub-coach and sub-analyzer for my team.
    Next month we are joining an E-sport tournament to get more experience on stage.

    I've been playing MapleStory EU since early 2009 (which is quite long time ago). I played there on the server: Kradia as Lassuai
    I will probably stay in Luna to stay with my guildmembers or guildleader and friends.

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