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  • [Unscheduled Maintenance] Dec 1, 2016

    i find it funny that there is nobody from nexon in this forum defending them, or even giving us information. they seem to be able to start the thread, but not stay in it
    probably because they dont have any answers for us as to when / why at least thats the theory, little sour about the "until further notice" but hey not alot anyone can do about it when it comes to major patch issues like these.
    sure there is, don't release it until you know it's player ready. tested thoroughly and made sure that the sheer number of players that could possibly hit the servers at one time that the servers can handle it. in my eyes that wasn't done! so here we are while they backpeddle their way to a fix
  • [Unscheduled Maintenance] Dec 1, 2016

    whelp, 2 hours later and still nothing out of anyone from nexon as to what the fk is going on. personally I think they don't care anymore
  • [Unscheduled Maintenance] Dec 1, 2016

    All of the complaints to Nexon have already been stated in one way or another. There's nothing to do but wait, because more complaining will not get us anywhere. Me and a lot of other players were not even able to get on after last night's long maintenance, so it was inevitable anyways that at some point it would end up back in maintenance for one thing or another. For all long maintenances, Nexon gives plenty of compensation, so it's not like we don't get anything for waiting on fixes to be made. I'm sure most things will get extended as well.

    This game is huge, and the engine it runs on is ancient compared to today's standards. I vote that MapleStory gets a faster engine to handle all of the content they are bringing us, and that the code is re-worked in order to make things run as smoothly as possible
    you do realize what you are saying right? that would mean they have to take the game down for months to rework the engine and code to prep the game for it, and still manage to screw it up!
  • [Unscheduled Maintenance] Dec 1, 2016

    this is what happens when a company tries to run a huge MMORPG on tandy (radio shack) equipment
    The servers they were using before were perfectly fine, the issue now (besides source bugs) is the current server for Reboot couldn't handle the player load.
    so what does that have to do with the rest of the worlds????? we are down for reboot????? sack the thing for all i care
  • [Unscheduled Maintenance] Dec 1, 2016

    this is what happens when a company tries to run a huge MMORPG on tandy (radio shack) equipment