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  • Ideas for next Crossover event

    I know it's not really a crossover but I want to see a new maple meets old maple event. It could bring back really old events and event items that we don't have access to anymore.
  • Kanna Revamp Suggestions

    I am one of many who main Kanna. We enjoy this class and we invest a lot in it because of that. We're not all about Kishin. Not all of us chose main this class because we wanted Kishin. Many of us chose to main Kanna because we enjoy them as a class and the playstyle. I feel the upcoming revamp is a chance for them to have a better future. (Beast Tamer, Jett, and Hayato I truly hope they too get the chance one day)

    I think those of us who main Kanna need to offer suggestions that Nexon could take into account. We know what Kanna lacks, what needs to be completely changed, removed or edited, and what we really need because we're the ones maining Kanna. We know what's better on ways to make Kanna better. Please provide your own suggestions for Kanna below. Please be considerate about other people's ideas and if you dislike theirs, consider improving upon their ideas rather than turning them down. We all have ideas of what Kanna should be, but we can all agree on one thing: Kanna needs to be more of a DPS rather than mostly a support class. Some changes would have to be made to support aspects probably, to keep Kanna balanced.

    While I do not have enough ideas for a full 100% revamp, I do have many that would improve Kanna as a whole.. Here they are. Remember, anyone can suggest their ideas here, I just feel like Kanna mains will know what is best. But that doesn't mean nobody else can make suggestions for Kanna.


    Currently Haku exists only to supply buffs to Kanna and their party. I think Haku can be made better by being a summon who helps Kanna attack. This could help supply Kanna another source of extra damage. As more of an add-on rather than a companion who simply buffs you. Let him cast an attack at high chance per Kanna using an attack, and let this be available in node boost skills so that the damage can scale. Sort of like Final Attack, but for Kanna.

    A buff or two of Haku's may or may not need to be nerfed to keep Kanna balanced. Such as Haku's Gift which restores 97% of your max HP, and Foxfires.


    Kanna's current play style is what we enjoy.. We want it to have the same feel as how Kanna currently. If it must be changed, please don't stray too far away from how Kanna currently plays. Some skill animations and functions should be revamped regardless. Kanna can still be partially a support class. I do believe Shikigami Haunting needs an animation and function revamp. Preferably making it less slow and clunky to use it.

    Revamped 1st Job

    1. Center Ki: Keep the same
    2. Shikigami Haunting: Damage 150%, Max Enemies Hit: 4, Number of Attacks: 2
    3. New* Spirit Summon: (Passive) Everytime Kanna attacks, 10% chance to summon a spirit casting an attack infront of Kanna. Damage: 100%, Max Enemies Hit: 6, Number of Attacks: 2 (replaces Clay Yaksha)
    4. Ether Pulse: Move Horizontal: 400, Move Vertical: 800, Remove the random teleport feature
    5. Haku's Gift: Speed +15, Defense +400, Int +20

    Removed Skills: Clay Yaksha

    Revamped 2nd Job

    1. New* Spirit Summon: (Passive) Everytime Kanna attacks, 20% chance to summon a spirit casting an attack infront of Kanna. Damage: +150%, Max Enemies Hit: 8, Number of Attacks: 3 (Max Level: 10) (replaces Rock Yaksha)
    2. New* Greater Mana Font: Increase Mana by +50, Recovers 20 more Mana every 4 seconds. (Max Level: 1)
    3. Shikigami Charm: Keep the same
    4. Haku Reborn: Keep the same
    5. Radiant Peacock: Keep the same
    6. Nimbus Curse: Damage: 160%, Max Enemies Hit: 15. Cloud Damage: 240% per 1 second per 5 seconds. Cooldown: 60 seconds
    7. Soul Bomb: Keep the same
    8. Burning Shikigami: Additional Shikigami Haunting Damage: +120% (Total Increase: 120%), Max Enemies Hit: 8, Number of Attacks: 3

    Removed Skills: Rock Yaksha

    Revamped 3rd Job

    1. New* Greater Soul Bomb: (Passive) Soul Bomb Damage Increase +80% (Max level: 1)
    2. New* Spirit Summon: (Passive) Everytime Kanna attacks, 30% chance to summon a spirit casting an attack infront of Kanna. Damage: +200%, Max Enemies Hit: 10, Number of Attacks: 4 (Max Level: 10)
    3. New* Spirit Banishment: Mana Cost: 50, Summon a gateway that pulls in evil spirits back to the underworld. Summon Duration: 10 seconds, Damage: 400%, Max Enemies Hit: 15, Number of Attacks: 2. Cooldown: 180 seconds (Max level: 20) (replaces Spirit Corral)
    4. Tengu Strike: (The function and animation needs a revamp) Damage: 240%, Max Enemies Hit: 10, Number of Attacks: 6
    5. New* Kishin Shoukan: 40% chance to apply a curse to all enemies hit by this skill. Cursed enemies take more damage. Damage Bonus: +300%, Curse Duration: 15 seconds, Summon Duration: 30 seconds, Cooldown: 60 seconds
    6. Blossom Barrier: Keep the same
    7. Lifeblood Ritual: Keep the same
    8. Spirit Path: Keep the same
    9. Frozen Shikigami Haunting: Additional Shikigami Haunting Damage: +180% (Total Increase: 300%), Max Enemies Hit: 10, Number of Attacks: 4
    10. Mana Balance: Consumes 30% HP to recover 40 Mana

    Removed Skills: Soul Shear, Spirit Corral

    Revamped 4th Job

    1. New* Greater Mana Balance: Consumes 50% HP to recover 80 Mana (Max level: 1)
    2. New* Spirit Summon: (Passive) Everytime Kanna attacks, 40% chance to summon a spirit casting an attack infront of Kanna. Damage: +300%, Max Enemies Hit: 10, Number of Attacks: 4 (Max Level: 10)
    3. Vanquisher's Charm: Damage: 260% per shot, Number of Attacks: 4 (Attack speed increased)
    4. Orochi: Keep the same. decrease animation time
    5. Falling Sakura: Keep the same
    6. Monkey Spirits: Keep the same
    7. Binding Tempest: Stun Duration: 10 seconds
    8. Bellflower Barrier: Keep the same
    9. Kasen: Keep the same
    12. Dawn's Warrior: Keep the same
    11. Blossoming Dawn: Keep the same
    12. Haku Perfected: Keep the same
    13. Nine-tailed Fury: Keep the same. decrease animation time
    14. Shocking Shikigami Haunting: Additional Shikigami Haunting Damage: +260% (Total Increase: 460%), Max Enemies Hit: 10, Number of Attacks: 6

    Removed Skills: Demon's Fury

    Revamped Hypers: Active Skills

    1. Veritable Pandemonium: Stun Duration: 10 seconds
    2. Princess's Vow: Keep the same
    3. Blackhearted Curse: Remove damage aspect

    Revamped Hypers: Passive Skills

    1. New* Vanquisher's Charm - Boss Rush: Boss Damage +20%
    2. Vanquisher's Charm - Reinforce: Damage +20%
    3. Vanquisher's Charm - Extra Strike: Number of Attacks +2
    4. New* Spirit Summon - Extra Strike: Number of Attacks +2
    5. New* Spirit Summon - Reinforce: Damage +20%
    6. New* Spirit Summon - Summon Chance: Summon chance +10%
    7. Bellflower Barrier - Boss Rush: Boss Damage +20%
    8. Bellflower Barrier - Cooldown Cutter: Cooldown -100%
    9. BellFlower Barrier - Persist: Duration +20 seconds

    Revamped 5th Job

    1. Spirit's Domain: Keep the same
    2. Yuki Musume Shoukan: Keep the same

    All of the removed skills could perhaps be revamped and added in somehow, but I feel they stick out, never used. Offer no benefit to using. So therefore better to be removed or replaced entirely.

    [Edit: Formatting, error fixes]
  • Nexon should buff map spawns and remove kishin

    bumbertyr wrote: »
    If those regions or JMS make the changes to kishin, GMS may very well copy + paste the changes.

    Actually, Jms already received a change to the skill. they have a version of Kishin that requires stacking multiple kishin's on the map to obtain a faster respawn effect which was put in about 2 years ago.

    Here's a reddit thread about it: https://www.reddit.com/r/Maplestory/comments/47nrv0/rip_kishin_in_jms/

    Since nobody knows when or if we will get a nerf at all. I speak for the community as a whole on this; Please communicate with us if any nerf is ever going to be applied to it. Even just a maple memo about talking to us about the situation and what Nexon plans to do. We really want to know what exactly the future for kishin is whenever possible.

    Currently, lots of us are on edge and feel left in the dark. Especially since we didn't get an answer from Arwoo about asking the devs about it yet.

    I just figure if we all know what's going to happen sooner, we can all have time to accept fate beforehand.
  • [Reboot] A few suggestions for changes.

    1. Pet Snack in the reward points shop. Having this for only NX makes it unfair to those who can't spend money on the game in Reboot where spending money is supposed to be optional. Even normal servers have this for reward points. Equipping multiple pets are required later in the game to pick up drops faster.

    2. Fatique Reset Drink in the reward points shop. There's no need for it to be NX only in Reboot. Having it like this means only those with money can get more loads more work in on their professions.

    3. Add more cube packages, for example:

    Black Cube (12) - 264,000,000 Meso
    Red Cube (12) - 144,000,000 Meso

    Black Cube (24) - 528,000,000 Meso
    Red Cube (24) - 288,000,000 Meso

    I hope one day Reboot can receive at least one of these changes. Especially the cube packages. I feel they're the most important thing Reboot needs out of this list. I know these may have been suggested before. But I feel they're not being suggested enough for them to be any kind of priority.
  • Censorship Suggestion.... Round 3 Extended!

    Why not just limit the censor only to block out whole words without spaces being considered part of the word, and leave all of the others alone so we won't have this issue to begin with? Everyone already gets swears passed through by separating the word into pieces with brackets to avoid the filter. The only ones who have issues are average players just trying to have normal conversation.

    The current system is obviously deeply flawed, making it needlessly complex to try and fix. Everyone is in this game are sick of the filter blocking out many things they're trying to say.