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  • [FIXED] Alt+Enter bricked my game

    I've just installed Maplestory on a new OS installation. When it was done I opened the game and it launched with no problems whatsoever. I chose NA region, got to the world select just fine. Then it occurred to me that Maple supports pressing Alt+Enter to switch to windowed mode, so I did that.. because I'm a multitasker and didn't want to wait to swap between programs while the game was loading character data. When I did that, the game crashed and now I can't open it without the game popping up and hanging for 5-10 seconds during the white screen and then the game closes each time.

    It seems like it can't open anymore because using Alt+Enter permanently changed the resolution but I don't know how to restore its default resolution. I've tried using Alt+Enter again but the game crashes before I get the chance.

    [Edit] Solution: For anyone else who runs into this issue, here's the only fix that worked for me. Exit Nexon Launcher, open Regedit.exe as administrator, navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > Software > Wow6432Node > Wizet. Right click on the Wizet folder and delete it. Open Nexon Launcher and launch the game again and it will restore the resolution back to default fullscreen.
  • Nexon should buff map spawns and remove kishin

    As a kanna main, here are my two cents.

    Technically we're not entitled to keep kishin around the way it is. Although it does make the game more much more tolerable, many and I agree. It's not a healthy aspect of the game. There is no easy solution other than to revoke it altogether. I can see Nexon resorting to this, as much as even I don't want it to happen. I feel if any decision about kishin must be made, it would likely be either its removal or gutted from increasing the spawn in rates like in JMS.

    This decision would not only upset other kanna mains, but those who rely on kishin on a daily basis as well. I can tell even nexon knows that they wouldn't increase the spawn rates of all maps. Otherwise they would have done it by now. Unless KMS receives any change like that, we won't get it.

    All of this uproar about kishin just may get nexon finally make that decision. When that happens, I won't be surprised if it's the nerf to kishin