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  • Blaze Wizard: Fires of creation change.

    Petalmagic wrote: »
    Honestly they could make an appearance toggle, or some way that maybe doesn't revolve around when the skill is cast. I personally like my lil Fox buddy...albeit on my 153 BW.

    Savage Flame, the 5th job skill, works around which animal you have summoned. So it's not about which animal you like more or which one is more cute, you need to know which one you are using depending on the situation and as it's now with the change... it's really hard to tell.
  • Blaze Wizard: Fires of creation change.

    The change done to Fires of creation where you hold down to cast the fox otherwise you get the lion... it's annoying, the UI is gone and it barely makes a sound or a visual effect when you cast Fires of creation.

    My suggestion is simple: revert it back to how it was.

    The UI was fine, you had a clearer idea of when you were properly casting it and if you were getting the lion or the fox and it did have a clear audio for either animal.

    As it is right now I sometimes cast the 5th job skill thinking I have an animal and it turns out I have the other. (Having invisible skills or lots of cash effects on makes it even worse).

    Can any of the other like 3 or 4 people in the server that play blaze agree with me? I hope i'm not alone in this.
  • Kinesis problem in Chu Chu PQ

    Kinesis is not really (as far as I know) a very popular class so maybe nobody pointed this out but, Kinesis in Chu Chu PQ has a huge handicap:

    Everytime you GRAB mobs you end up dropping them in different platforms, that most of the time means mobs will actually fall to platforms bellow you and that INCLUDES their drops. This makes you have to go goose chasing mobs, if not careful, picking other drops by accident and overall having a really hard time doing this PQ.

    My suggestion is simple, make it so the mobs specific from the Chu Chu PQ map can NOT be grabbed.
  • Anti-afk mobs...

    Maybe they should listen a bit... we aren't asking for the impossible here, those things are nothing but trouble.
  • Anti-afk mobs...

    So I was just reading the quest and...
    Add to their annoyance the fact that I play the character with the lowest survavility in the game and you get a jackpot... but that's a complain for another time.

    Do we need those things? They get in the way while you traverse maps or change channels... They find the perfect moment to spawn when you take that much needed 30 seconds break to go to the toilet (which happens to be enough time to remove those juicy exp buffs that you were so happily using).

    They are just trouble, please hit me up with a reason why those things should exist. I can't see it.

    My point here... my suggestion is: please, get rid of them.