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  • Couldn't we get a toggle option that works only on our end? So people that are adult and can handle a few curse words will be able to get the full experience? For those who have the option deactivated they would still see censorship. Let's be hone…
  • Petalmagic wrote: » Honestly they could make an appearance toggle, or some way that maybe doesn't revolve around when the skill is cast. I personally like my lil Fox buddy...albeit on my 153 BW. Savage Flame, the 5th job skill, works around whi…
  • darik wrote: » Lets go even further and change kinesis so that it doesnt grab any monster at all,like when bossing, cuz grabbing them is a useless mechanic tbh and its extremelly annoying Because of how the newest black hole skill works, grabbi…
  • Maybe they should listen a bit... we aren't asking for the impossible here, those things are nothing but trouble.
  • mujeres (literally means women) raton (literally means mouse) those two words are censored for whatever reason
  • Any idea if Jett is not supposed to have Hero's Echo? Or am I doing something wrong? I did the quest from the statue in orbis tower, the description says I now have it, it's nowhere to be found.
  • This first happened to me with the hyper skill from my night walker and also on my cadena (this also happens on the first map of the labyrinth before gollux) it has something to do with very poorly optimized backgrounds. I sent a ticket some time ag…