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  • [Request] Another sale for the coin shop?

    The season 1 Big Bang coin shop ends on May 21, but the Sunny Sundays before then don't list another sale in the Patch Notes. From what I remember of other coin shops divided into seasons, we usually had two sales per coin shop season, and it feels kind of unfair to only have one sale partway through when there are only so many coins you can get before then (especially with the bugged Sunday coins last week and delayed compensation). Could we get another 30% off sale on the 19th before the season 1 store closes so we can make the most of the event?
  • Tae Soo's Reward Bug(?)

    Had the same problem before. There's a workaround for this in that you can just drop a normal peach (in the Use tab) on the stone bench, which you can get from whacking the peaches in the Peach Farm area (I think you get some from one of the quests too). You can still get Tae Roon's note with a normal peach.

    Of course, we shouldn't ignore the bug just because there's a workaround, so someone should forward this bug to the right people.
  • "Utah's Bountiful Harvest" quest - no reward

    Bug type: Quest

    Brief bug summary: The "[Cluck, Cluck, Bean] Utah's Bountiful Harvest" quest does not give rewards

    Steps to reproduce: Start the "[Cluck, Cluck, Bean] Utah's Bountiful Harvest" quest, kill 200 monsters near your level, and then complete the quest. No reward will be given.
  • Notice for tomorrow's patch?

    They've been generally pretty good about putting out the time notices over 24 hours before the actual patch is scheduled to take place. Don't post weird things that will lower those standards :v

    Anyway it's up now. Thanks Nexon!
  • Unit Damage Skin.... yikes

    So I recently opened up some Damage Skin boxes from the Alliance shop and got my hands on one Foggy Damage Skin (Unit). I knew what unit damage skins were like in KMS, so I was interested in seeing how they ended up porting it over to GMS. And... well...


    To give a really simplified explanation:

    In English, to break down bigger numbers, we usually partition the digits in threes using commas: a billion would be 1,000,000,000. In Korea, to break down bigger numbers, they partition it into fours: a billion becomes 10억0000만0000. Still 9 zeroes, just separated in different ways. Here, the 억 refers to a value of 100,000,000 and 만 refers to a value of 10,000. In KMS, unit damage skins put the 억 and the 만 between digits, like so:


    So instead of something like 311528805, they'd get 3억1152만8805 and they can easily parse how much damage they're doing.

    And when they brought this over to GMS... well, you can see from the top image. But basically they translated the 억 and 만 values directly to 00,000,000 and 0,000, so Koreans' 3억1152만8805 becomes 3 00,000,000 1152 0,000 8805 for us.

    So, uh, yeah, it would be nice if you guys could come up with a better way to handle unit damage skins instead of leaving this as is.