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  • Hackers In Arcane River

    Yeah let them hack freely, poor hackers dont deserve to be punished or shamed

  • Players unable to log in on specific characters

    So we lost over 200 chuchu island symbols, over 100 vanishing journey symbols (just on dailies) and the chances to even try Lachelein and no compensation about this? Not to mention the expiring nx we had on our accounts, and the daily coins we lost that are way higher than 100 stupid coins.

    Are you guys serious?
  • Players unable to log in on specific characters

    HAHAHAHA that compensation though. We all are 220+ So patethic that made me laugh hard
  • Players unable to log in on specific characters

  • Nexon is it so hard to ban hackers / spammers???

    You do know that your "official channels" do absolutely nothing when people report hackers and spammers, right?
    And the forums work even worse than they do, so please don't break the forum rules by accusing people, thank you.
    Not really, making the issue public is good enough to keep the comunity alert about whos shady and who isnt. On EMS we had this section and the Forum mods would check what where true and which werent. As simply as having a video or a SS would be enough to be posted on the forum.

    Right know is like these forums are 100% useless because you guys claim has no conection with maple staff, then whats the point of a forum at all? EMS had so bad management that they had to close down the server and they still did a better job as a whole than any of you people working on GMS, how sad is that. They handled hackers by chainbaning IPs, so if someone would have been found hacking anything logged from that IP is gone. It wasnt an stupid 1month ban, where I hack the sh!t out of the game wait a month and get profit. They where perma bans for any kind of abuse, and we had legit people involved in these perma ban but in the end it was easier to check whos guilty and who isnt.

    You guys say "they will create another account" I bet you if you take down 10 of these mules on fm selling their loot, checking a few maps taking them down and chainbaning them it could be a good start. But hey, what Im asking to people on a useless forum and ManapotforPP.