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  • How do you feel about the V coin limits?

    This was the Merry Xmas message to all players from Nexon! Which translates into we have your money morons! Keep spending while we don't give a damn!

    It almost seams like Nexon NA is a huge social experiment which is testing how bad a service can be and still give profit from exploiting gambling addiction and taking advantage of the fragile personality of some players that need to use this game to boost their poor self-esteem by flaunting their dmg. A perfect portrait of modern society , people are treated like crap and even want to pay to be treated like crap in exchange for things that have no real value.
    To be honest, I wish I didn't care about any of this and I could just walk away from the years I have invested in this game...but it's just such a huge shame to see an otherwise extremely fun and great game (which could easily be the best most successful game in the MMO world, if things were run correctly) circling the toilet because of an apathetic and disconnected team at the helm.

    It's not the game itself, but the people in charge of it, making these absolutely asinine changes, that are wrecking the experience for us players. It's one thing to adjust things and completely another to nerf things TO THE DAMN GROUND with an event like they just did. It's insulting and confusing that they haven't even given a peep of a good and insightful response as to why they are doing this to us.
    Cannot agree more with bold. Game is really good, but there are design flaws introduced by the people in charge.
  • How do you feel about the V coin limits?

    I love how Nexon thinks....
    Hackers everywhere? Nah... no problem.
    Bots everywhere? Just chill.
    Bugs that can ruin the experience? We got time to fix this.
    Lag issues? Just DC everyone in every 10 minutes and everything will be fine.

    Players getting benefits from an event? *NEXON TRIGGERED*
    -Phew guys today's maintenance went pretty well. We managed to finish everything by 7:00PM lest put the servers back on
    -WAIT!!! We forgot to ruin the holiday events
    -Oh thank god you mentioned that. The players almost had a nice Maple Christmas.
    pretty accurate >.<
  • How do you feel about the V coin limits?

    It's even worse considering the boxes that give 30 per day are retiring on the 15th.

    Not sure what to expect now. I'm pretty sure no one at Nexon actually plays this game and they're literally doing everything they can to drive Maplestory to the ground so they can finally get rid of it.
    It's starting to feel like this to me too. So basically after the 15th, you can only get 10 coins a day, which is absurdly low. 40 is already absurdly low considering the shop prices.


    My thoughts so far:
    The update itself is really good. 5th job coming, HYPE! New UI? HYPE. Link skills easier to link/unlink? HYPE Auction house? MUCH HYPE

    Here's what disappoints me:

    Increased stack sizes for alot of items. Well come on, 100 potions to 3000 is nice, but why not 9999 ? You dropped the ball on this one.
    Maintenance during a 2x exp/drop event, which wasn't compensated in any proper way.
    Insane lag mostly throughout the day.
    Frequent disconnections, even after you've 'beefed up' your servers (did you mean encasing your servers in actual beef maybe?)
    After the next maintenance, another daily V coin limit (from the santa boxes), it seems a bit absurd and rather frustrating.
    Losing flamed stats on items. I know it's a bug, I know they're mostly not REALLY gone. But this means I still can't SELL my phc which had 5% all stat on it, because you can't see it. It was stated that my account would be locked and the items restored, but this never actually happened.
    The crit damage bug on launch, really Nexon? Don't you test your updates? How come people were getting 4000%+ crit damage ,capping their damage at 10 bil lines and soloing lotus? HOW COME?

    There's more things that disappoint me, but I feel like this list is long enough already.
  • How do you feel about the V coin limits?

    Hi-five boxes can only give up to 30 coins a day, santa boxes only up to 10 coins a day after maintenance. What do you think about the max. 40 v coins per day? Do you think this is a bit low? Do you mind it? Do you think it should be raised? Mind you, the packs in the v coin shop cost 900 coins each, purchasing and upgrading the vengeful ring to +20 would cost you 10 +20 * 60 = 1210 v coins, which would take 1210/40 = 31 days from now (obviously, most of you have already gotton one and upgraded it a bit already, but still) Doesn't this seem slightly absurd? Even if it'd be like this right from day 1 of the events, let's say both lasted actual 31 days. You couldn't miss a single day to get the ring fully upgraded, because you would be missing coins. And you can't buy anything else either. Seems a bit absurd to me.