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  • Reboot SW Earrings vs SW Pendant after latest memo

    ThatBaldy wrote: »
    Yeah 22 star dark boss accessories are BIS but super unrealistic. And to even get the dark boss accessories you'll need to be strong enough to fight the bosses so you'll have to have something else in the meantime which would be SW and Gollux stuff.

    I think the way to look at these is just the base stats of the item? So SW earrings have 10 all stat, Superior pendant has 28 all stat and 5 m/att. SW pendant has 34 all stat and the Superior earrings have 15 all stat 10 m/att. So from here if you ever want to transpose to SW, then SW pendant is the better option. But if you already made a transposed SW earring then it isn't a good idea to make a SW pendant just for a tiny bit of stats.

    I guess another thing to look at is the transposing options. I can't really remember if there are any other options for pendants other than the Dominator pendant so I'll just assume that's the only one. SW earrings on the other hand has the level 140 option Meister earring as well as level 150 options from Kritias and Oz. Based on my SW earring and SW monocle (I used Kritias earring and Pap mark), the difference in stats is only 2 all stat and 1 m/att. This difference is from the 16th stars of the Kritias earring and Pap mark.

    So basically SW pendant comes out on top and you have to make one anyway unless you get carried, get a drop, get super lucky and insta 22 star the drop and now have no need for SW pendant or earring.

    Thank you very much for your reply, that was very helpful!

    One thing I've been thinking is that, since Verus Hilla's pendant is level 160, you can actually transfer a level 150 pendant to it, which would make it possible to get a 21* in Reboot with just one drop. Granted this would definitely be the hardest accessory to get, given that this is the hardest of the 3 bosses (Verus Hilla, Hard Lucid, and Darknell), but it is also the safest.

    So getting two Gollux pendants to 22 stars does make more sense than getting a SW pendant, since you either transfer that pendant to the Hilla one, or, if you actually use either Lucid's belt or Darknell's earrings (both level 200 equips), you just keep the Gollux pendant, so in either scenario having the Gollux pendant is the right thing to do, which is why having a transposed pendant with 22 stars (and spending more on getting a good flame) would be waste of mesos, since you would replace the equipment anyway.

    If you actually don't have any transposed SW equipment, maybe it would just be better to go with Gollux equipments on all slots, and eventually replace one with whatever dark boss accessory you can get. Darknell might be the most accessible, since he is about as hard as Hard Damien, meaning you can do it in smaller parties, or even potentially solo him. However, if you already have a SW Earring, there is no reason why you shouldn't use it, it would be better than a Gollux earring until you break the set.

    You might even consider keeping the Gollux belt and earring at 17 stars, with only 21% potential, since those two equipments you don't know if you would completely replace or not. You would sacrifice damage, but it would save you money, so it is up to you if you think that is feasible or not. Maybe leave them last for upgrading, just in case.