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  • Add expensive super cubes to Reboot

    I would be ok with it.
    Meso farming is not a skill. It is a waste of time.
    Wasting 60 hours of time to get 30% on your gear does not mean you are any more skilled than anyone else.
    It means you are a Human bot, and you wasted 60 hours of your life.

    While I get your point, this is a MMO, and it will reward you according to how much time you invest, just like regular jobs do. You get paid for working 40+ hours a week, the same way you get rewarded for grinding for multiple hours in the game, because it is beneficial for them to increase their players gaming time. Even if it doesn't take skill, it takes commitment, discipline, research, and time.

    Also, those willing to spend that much time farming don't see it as a waste of time, they just like the game to the degree that they are willing to invest that much time in order to play through more content. The fact that they like the game this much is another reason they deserve to be rewarded more.
  • Fury Totem Change


    I would like to propose for Fury Totems to change to one of the following alternatives:

    1) Duration 30 minutes, cost 500 RP, 60 available monthly.
    2) Change the expiration from 2 hours from the redemption moment to 2 hours of usage (like the free pets you get in Reboot, that last 5 hours but those 5 hours only decrease when you have the pet equipped). So if you don't have the Totem equipped, the time doesn't decrease.

    The reason for me proposing these changes is that I don't like that if I purchase a Fury Totem, I'm pretty much obligated to grind two hours straight if I don't want to waste it. Some days I just don't have the time or the energy to do it, and getting 2000 RP is not exactly easy, so I don't want to waste a single minute.

    I don't know if this is done to make players play more, but for players like me, it actually does the opposite. Since I know that I have to grind for at least 2 hours, I opt for not grinding at all most times, but if I could choose to do only 30 minutes or an hour, I would be grinding every single day.

    I feel like the way Fury Totems are right now give players less freedom on how much they are going to play, it feels like an obligation more than a choice, and that is unpleasant since grinding is my favorite part of playing. Also, the hours of Fury Totem you would get every month would stay the same, so for those that are regularly grinding using them nothing would change.

    Thank you!
  • Can't log in the Reboot server only

    Ghiblee wrote: »
    NA Reboot server was down for a moment but it has been back up since... about 7-8 minutes after you've posted :)

    Thank you very much for the reply, I really appreciate it, and I'm glad to hear this wasn't a serious issue!