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  • About 25* release

    darik wrote: »
    Mohanad wrote: »
    Roy666 wrote: »
    i prefer to get 20* cuz we will be stronger than KMS players with 25* gollux, lv 3 link skills and attack speed 0.

    No, you prefer to get 20 Stars, so that people wouldn't need to switch Tyrants/Transposed Sweetwater over to AbsoLab/Arcane.

    at least tell the truth.

    PS. it's already been confirmed and showcased on the ARK: Monad preview video, that we are in fact getting 25 and not 20 stars.

    Don't become like the guy who said neb boxes dropped too frequently so nexon nerfed it because of him.

    he allready mentioned that in the head thread that its better to keep 20* as its not going ot make the player who spent allready tons of $ on the tyrants and other gears to lose there efforts, its kinda going to be a real non safe environment to spend more $ cuz after u spend ur $$ WHOLE savings and a good portion of ur wealth to make ur gears perfected 5~6 lines 15* tyrants and dig around for best gear and best combinations (atk/stat)... then... TADA!!! all ur spending just has been from history and u need to spend again to get the best gear again... (cubing/priming/SFing) can u imagine? can u feel the waste of the $ spent?! and if u dont spend as much again.. then u will be like left behind and u r not as good any more....

    i dont know if that decision was wise enough not to lose the players who are actually spending the good portion of $ in MS, or its been made to only make the F2P can play moderately

    any one else feels that pain?

    Games evolve and so should the community, if nexon doesnt change end game stuff every now and then, the game will end up boring, and the ppl up there who spend a lot of dollars would quit once they reach end game, and they cant afford that, it happens with every single game that follows this same type of management, u need to release stuff so that the players that are end game have new stuff to do, or new improvements to make.

    I agree with this. You can't have the same meta forever. +1 to you