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  • The Attic

    Id personally like to see a CS invent update like NX that's been equipped be in its own section to make it easier to search though... 300 pieces of NX equips that's mixed up with tradable items and untradable items it's just annoying and needs a revamp would make life much easier
  • [Contest] Maple Fashion: Design Story

    Lmao this might be the worse designing ever but its a good idea i think

    Weapon First choice: M60 E3 Machine gun
    Weapon Second choice: Hoyt Spectra bow
    Hat: Long red head band
    Face acc: eye scar
    top: Muscle simulator with scars
    Bottom: black combat trousers with Rambo Bowie knife
    Shoes: black army boots

    To see any of the items from the back....
    i'm not good enough at drawing or creating them
    but i'm guessing it would be pretty basic things to imagine

    As an extra i thought a pet package with 3 pets
    Pet1: T-72 Tank
    Pet2: bell uh-1n twin huey
    Pet3: 1951 GMC M135 2½-ton

    I couldn't find good things but did my best lol i guess they can be created if they choose this
    i'm not 100% sure i got the names right for all the items but very close for sure =)
  • Nexon is it so hard to ban hackers / spammers???


    I like how it says we can't report hackers on forums now
    You have never been able to. When the code of conduct was moved over, it missed the naming-shaming rule, although it was still on the books (I have enforced and reiterated it several times). The subreddit does not allow it either (they refer to it as "witch-hunting").

    We do not allow it because people have, frankly, lied and faked evidence to get people banned. Moreover, we have official channels to report botters, and the forums are not that place. Accusing someone of hacking/scamming/harassment is a big claim, and wildly open to abuse, misunderstandings, and other problems.

    You're free to complain about bots, but naming specific players is not allowed.
    because people lied and faked evidence to get people banned means the legit people who report them cant do so no more ?
    and isn't it your job / GM's to find out who's lying and faking things ???????????????????? and deal with them accordingly
    if i wanted to witch hunt id play a different game, this game i played all my life and never seen so many hackers / botters before and ive reported many hackers and botters before so i know what i'm talking about i'm pretty sure it don't take a genius to watch a video and see who is actually hacking/botting specially if its your job to know these things i'm sure you can tell fake from real and if you not 100% sure then that's why GMs investigate ?
  • Nexon is it so hard to ban hackers / spammers???

    Id like to see some sort of professional Team like we "Europe Maplestory Players" used to have in EMS be in GMS also
    the GM's in ems used to be in game all the time if not on a GM char they would be on a char playing in-game
    and as many people already said if 1 person megaphoned anything to do with anything illigal / break the ToS
    they wouldn't be seen again as they would of been banned and there would of been a ban list each week

    the one GM we had on luna was not having no noticeable knowledge of maple and only patrolled the FM and henesys
    In ems our GM team was a part of the community and knew the people, they was Maple players and would do more than just patrol henesys and the fm
    they was reliable on reporting bugs to the dev team also they was a loving caring TEAM who love the game and wanted to see it become better and not filled with hackers/abusers/meso spammers as for the people who love to play games and work hard on playing and dedicating there life to a game they love would like to see none of or very little of.

    I'm very disappointed as a 10 year veteran of Maplestory since the migration the spammers and hackers and bots have increase exponentially it makes the game 100% less desirable to play

    Hope something will be done about this its annoying, frustrating, and tiresome
  • Boss DMG

    Hi id like to confirm that for many people Boss damage isn't working
    as myself and many others have gone to bosses and are dealing the same damage on mobs as we are on bosses

    pretty sure i don't need explain more

    Char name: mórk
    World: Luna
    Job: NightLord