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  • Id personally like to see a CS invent update like NX that's been equipped be in its own section to make it easier to search though... 300 pieces of NX equips that's mixed up with tradable items and untradable items it's just annoying and needs a rev…
    in The Attic Comment by mork January 2018
  • when people do the quests from you you and the person gains the exp / meso / coins / rewards even if its just an achievements unlock would still be cool maybe 10 fame per month for completing or getting completed quests
  • Lmao this might be the worse designing ever but its a good idea i think [img][/img]
  • always get defamed but i get more fames back from helping people and being a nice person
  • http://forums.maplestory.nexon.net/discussion/6363/code-of-conduct#latest I like how it says we can't report hackers on forums now You have never been able to. When the code of conduct was moved over, it missed the naming-shaming rule, although it …
  • Id like to see some sort of professional Team like we "Europe Maplestory Players" used to have in EMS be in GMS also the GM's in ems used to be in game all the time if not on a GM char they would be on a char playing in-game and as many people alr…
  • Boss dmg stopped working again =(
    in Boss DMG Comment by mork December 2016
  • im luna server also was also from EMS and i cant buy spins tried 5 different web browsers and nothing worked some shown the nx i had some didnt load the nx i had and a few different error messages from them the most funny error message i got was…
  • ye as Okhura said, i still got the same stats in my char tab +luk. %boss, %Total DMG, %allstats are gone/invisable on my items only 2 of my tyrants show the % allstats flames i think all my items show the visual + stats from flames - example: +…
  • ye i can confirm also its now working IGN: mórk World: Luna Job: NightLord Level: 241
  • You can track your damage per second via the battle analysis system. Click on "menu", then select "Battle Analysis". Then click the green button to start analyzing. The analysis will record your total damage, your average damage per second, your acq…
    in Mobs Comment by mork November 2016
  • would make sense that we all had our own server times i feel so happy with my new home