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June 7, 1997
  • Black Mage Legion Application - Contest

    I am edgy, I am dark, I am evil.
    I am an evil, edgy, demon witch whose name is Pflock. Long time ago I was summoned in the darkest of all nights, when the moon was shining in the bloodest red shimmer you can imagine. At a dark place, hidden in the dark shadows of the tall trees in the woods, a cult of wicked witches proceeded with a blood ritual of summoning a powerful demon that was as old as the world itself (a tip, it was me).
    But during the process of summoning me, they did a mistake of who’s body would hold me for the brief moment they wanted to speak to me. The symbols they had carved into the body who beared me had one symbol to much, leading into the horrific darkness of trapping me inside this body. Forever! *thunder sounds*
    Because of what they had done, I bursted into bright red flames, burning the place to the ground and with it, everyone from this cult. When the last flames went out and the place was filled with the reddish darkness of the night, I walked through the ashes and looked at my new body. The person of this body no longer existed, I had completely overtaken her body, her mind, her... soul?
    Parts of my demon form had melted into the body and my two big red wings were physical on the back. But the body was too heavy to fly properly, but jumping high and gliding were possible...
    After trying my wings, I begun to walk through the woods, searching for... I don't know. Something of interest that would make this curse of being stuck in this body somehow a bit endurable.
    Eventually I found an old rotten shack with symbols everywhere. It looked like it belonged to this cult who summoned me. One of the symbols on my body matched with one on the shack. Curious, I attempted to go inside and found the home of someone.
    Books everywhere, a little kitchen in the corner, a bed behind curtains. This place was the home of one of the witches, I was sure. Since I had burned them all, I just made myself comfortable there and since then live there.
    Over the time there, I gain the knowledge of them, eventually finding out that I never can lift this curse. I cannot even die.
    So why should I care if the world gets destroyed? Maybe I get destroyed during this too, would help me get free from this body I am bound to...
    I never followed someone other’s orders, but nobody from or with demonical intentions ever caught my interest enough. But the Black Mage...
    I want to see him free, how he burns the world, how he turns everything into darkness.
    If I can help with this, I’m in.

  • The Will to Draw - Will Fan Art Contest

    IGN: Pflock
    World: Windia
    Name of Artwork and/or Description: ''Will you survive my attack?'' Bad pun was a must

    xKiiChanNibboAerelyaBlueKnightAnImakonnaHHG1BridesmaidTsundereKyutallcatoxRenniand 5 others.
  • I drew Ark ~˙✧.°

    and open a thread to see if I've been approved
    As a gift for EvanelleOnyx, who pulled me into the fun abyss of MapleStory