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  • Thoughts on Kanna and Fury Totem Changes

    this is another ridiculous nexon memo .. why isn't it the same in frenzy totem? $$$ simply do not seek player progress, they only seek to earn money. the game is full of hackers and bots .. people are returning to the game and you find lag on servers. crashers. bugs. There is no memo on this topic that no adm responds to problems today, it will not be the last time a nerf to Kanna .... in the end for their earnings they will eliminate the kishin and the price of totem fury will simply cost more
  • Major Lag Spikes

    last memo not spek of the problems in the game to today later of a even t wondroid ...... whit the lag and perfomance horrible of use in ms 70 -90 % use ...

    according to you, i expected much more in this last memo ... changes in the system about hackers, the problems of the wondroid event ... with a lag problem, an optimization of game performance on our consuming computers, lag fix spikes, delay, bugs ...
  • Lagging help???

    BeachBrat wrote: »
    I have been having such lag for a month now that I can’t play!! I even reloaded Windows to see if that would help (Windows 10). Can anyone offer any help? Is it just me or have others experienced this? It worked fine a month ago. It’s not an issue with my Internet connection. My computer runs everything else just fine. Anyone have any clues or ideas to help???

    the problem is posted on tech support

    memory leak and spike lag

    It is not a recent problem, since this wondroid event the game is unstable and the use of cpu in the game in performance exceeds to 100%, but this problem comes years ago, this game consumes too much .. other games not
  • Known Issue 1/29 (after maintenance)

    memo not mentione problems of memory leak . manys player have problems whit this high use of cpu fix in the next patch please
  • [Memory Leak] Game not fully exiting on close

    after the last maintenance this problem continues .. the use of the cpu is in 80 to 90% only in maplestory ... because nexon company do not solve this problem of memory