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  • Re-Release "ERDA SET": It was bugged on release!!

    Hello, I and other players are imploring Nexon to re-release the Maple Fashion: Design Story set: "Erda Set".

    The set is gorgeous but during the time Nexon released it, it was riddled with terrible bugs.

    When performing various actions, your character's head would spin around backwards like a horror movie (such as when climbing ladders or ropes or swimming). When using the Erda Set, it would either make your client crash or distort your character's image when using megaphones. Furthermore, there was a white glow underneath the hood that lightened your hair, and it especially made darker colored hairs look very different. This glitch made many people not want to buy it, because they didn't want their hair color changed. Finally, wearing the Erda Set distorted your character on the ranking board, either making your character's face completely black or flattening your character hairstyle.

    From my understanding, the glitches with the Erda Set are now fixed, but so many players did not buy the Erda Set on release due to fear regarding the myriad of problems such as game crashing and graphical problems.

    ATTACHED: I included one example of one of the glitches. You couldn't even see your character's face! This issue even appeared on the ranking board... Just a black abyss. And without the hat, the set would change your hair color!


    REQUEST: Please re-release the Erda Set now that it's unglitched. It's a highly popular set that very few players have, because it had so many problems when it was released and people were afraid to buy it.

    I have even spoken personally with the designer of the set, Renni (Recalci from Windia) and she's disappointed and heartbroken about how the release of her design went down. because she put so much work into the artwork and design idea. Both she and the larger community would love a re-release of this fantastic set.

    PLEASE forward this situation to the team responsible for Cash Shop releases.

    Thank you, and I really hope you will consider a re-release of Erda Set: https://i.imgur.com/GZwaxX5.png