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  • Alien PQ and PNO drops instanced

    Doing princess no every week for either 3 or 4 gold boxes, hoping to get *any* secondary, and then hoping that one secondary will be one of about 40 or so different secondaries makes the chance of getting a one for your own class literally so small that it's not even realistic to get it in a decent amount of time.

    +1, at least make it statistically possible for people to be able to get one somehow.
  • EU Reboot server

    There has been people talking about a possibility for a reboot server for the EU community, OneLetter and SavageAce has mentioned that it's something they have been discussing. The thing about this though, there hasn't ever really been an expected date for it, a time frame, etc.

    Personally, I feel like this would be very nice, as the North American reboot server is currently the most popular server (Apparently it was also completely full at one point earlier this year). I don't think it would hurt reboot in any way if the Europeans got their own server, as reboot isn't a server where currency matters. Also, the lag seems to be gone (from what I can tell, I can't speak for all servers), which seems to be the main thing that made them want to wait, as far as I can tell.

    If it is already being worked on, that'd be lovely, and I'll leave you guys to do your thing then.

    OneLetter's comment on this from November: http://forums.maplestory.nexon.net/discussion/comment/10627/#Comment_10627

    SavageAce's comment from a livestream in december: https://clips.twitch.tv/AlluringBraveHawkPanicBasket

    Now would also be a nice time to start this, as we're getting close to the summer break in most (all?) of Europe. :)
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  • [CONTEST] Emergency MS Paint Contest