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May 15, 1993
  • It's time to FINALLY address world population

    The problem is no matter how important something is, if Nexon doesn't like the idea they won't do it. Even if 1000 players reply to this thread and say "yes", and Nexon doesn't, -personally-, like the idea, they will say no.
    There might be some legal matters or things behind the scenes that stop them from making certain changes, even things like simply merging the inactive worlds into Bera and Reboot. There might be something that as a normal player you can't find out without being a lawyer, or an official Nexon employee to understand why it's not just happening the way the players want.
    This thread won't help, Nexon won't hear or listen unless some miracle happens.
    I learned to play this game and get used to the problems and failures. If at some point I realize it's just getting too unfair and stupid, there are a lot of other games, MMO's and non-MMO's, to play these days, with companies that listen to players a lot more, and take better actions towards improvement of the game.
  • About the Reboot and Bera Extra Channel Removal.

    HuskyDM wrote: »
    Maybe having those extra channels was starting to become expensive to maintain?
    Yeah, there's something like atleast 10 worlds just standing there on the list of worlds when you login, which are all empty and dead and no one cares about them and they're still running.
  • Cash equips in Cash Shop

    Anyone know what happened to the cash equips in Cash Shop? I noticed many have disappeared, I cant find them.
    For example, the Teddy bear suit. Teddy headgear, shoes, gloves, etc. And also many other full face masks and hats which I liked.
    Not just these, but many others, I just dont remember their names.
    What happened to it?
    I suggest bringing it all back to the Cash Shop.
  • Game feels like SoloStory now

    Forgot I made this thread, lol.
    Well, I read your comments and yeah my thoughts are very similar to yours.
    Does anyone of you think there will be another world transfer event, another Character burning event, etc.?
    These events are the only ways to save the population.
  • PQ's and Bosses in game done with 3+

    AKradian wrote: »
    Inovamed wrote: »
    AKradian wrote: »
    Most PQs still require multiple players. People don't often do them, because the rewards (EXP or items) are not worth the time.
    PQs that are still run are:
    - Commerci Union
    - Hungry Muto (this one can be solo'ed, but many still party for it)
    - Crossworld PQ
    - Kenta in Danger

    As for bosses, I believe all boss fights can be entered alone. People do party up for the harder bosses, though: Hard Lotus, Hard Damien, Hard Lucid, Hard Will, Verus Hilla, and Black Mage. And some party for the normal versions of Lotus, Damien, Lucid, and Will, as well.
    Many guilds do daily contribution parties for Zakum and Root Abyss, as well as carry parties for Chaos Root Abyss, Hard Magnus, and Hell Gollux.
    I see. If I might ask, because it makes me kinda curious. Why isn't Nexon making some changes to PQ's to make them "worth the time" as you say?
    When I think about it, its not even a difficult thing to do either. Just improve the rewards, promote the PQ and make a website notice, and everyone will start doing that PQ.
    The game is a lot more boring when you can't do PQ's, because the PQ rewards sucks.
    I mean, are you unable to contact Nexon about it and tell them? And they aren't reading forums to see player suggestions?
    It's a legitimate request.
    Also, how about making some bosses more challenging to encourage fighting them in a party of more than just 1 player?

    Nexon is aware that players want better PQs and party play in general.
    Nexon is also aware that many players actually prefer to not depend on others for their daily gameplay and optimal progression.
    It is difficult to balance PQs so that the rewards are worth it but not overpowered. And Nexon Korea also seems (in my personal opinion) to have a deep seated hatred of leeches and carries, which means they don't want to improve PQ rewards without also making PQs complex enough that everyone in the party must take an active part - which is a redesign that takes time.

    As for bosses: as I said, people do party up for the harder bosses. The bosses that used to be endgame way back when, like Zakum, Horntail, Pink Bean, or Cygnus, are now intended to be stepping-stones in early progression. Chaos Zakum got revamped to be harder - but instead of people partying to defeat it, they just stopped doing it until they're strong enough to quickly solo. As I said above, most of the people still playing the game prefer to not depend on others on a day-to-day basis.
    From what you're saying, to me it sounds like the company is making the wrong decisions and considerations towards how to deal with the problem of players not doing PQ's and the bad system.
    If they're aware, and still refuse to make the legitimate changes I stated, changes which I'd believe I'm not the first player in the world to suggest them - then, it's just pretty sad and stupid to be honest. But maybe, Nexon isn't the problem necessarily, or not the "biggest" problem of this.
    Maybe just players are becoming more and more anti-social, or just prefer to do things alone - but maybe players are becoming like that, because of the discouragement of bad PQ rewards, bosses being too easy, etc.?
    I can't think of a 100% fair and legitimate solution, but I still think Nexon can do a few things about this that they aren't doing. And from what you're saying basically, no matter what players like me would suggest on the forums, Nexon won't listen to the players?