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  • Item log / mob drop list

    With the game progressing and mobs being changed occasionally, could there be monster book that says which items the monsters drop?

    For example, I'm looking / have been looking for a skull shield for a few days, and going on the lists available online seem to be outdated.

    If I remember correctly, the old monster book used to have a drop list of a certain mob if you have collected the card for it.

    Tldr: monster or item drop list request to save time potentially farming the wrong mobs

    Edit: could include it in the maple guide section of the website to keep it out of the game itself
  • 'Gag/Joke' weapon types

    So potentially to change equips like frying pan newspaper sword etc etc to they're own unique weapon type as 'gag/joke' weapon with the effect of being anvil'able to all weapon types for new classes that don't have many bar the ones they're released with like Adele, Hoyoung, Path finder, Kain etc etc
  • Supreme / Lab server event

    An event that brings back the old Supreme server which I played but not for long. Lab server I never actually got chance too. But would be good for another 'server' based event for unique account based rewards would be great fun/ could be super challenging.
  • My new Youtube channel

    Hi guys,
    I'm new to youtube/ recording myself doing stuff, but I figured I might share it with you all. So I have been playing maplestory now for some time...And decided to create a knuckle- less Pirate / Buccaneer, I only have a few videos at the minute but for anyone who's interested in following along my first few videos are:


    Any useful recording tips would be greatly appreciated!

    Also to any Mods I am not sure if this is the right place to put this so if it could be moved to the right one would be great!
  • Perm Throwing Star Covers


    I think it would be cool to roll seasonal throwing stars out into the cash shop, for example;

    Water balloons for Summer

    Skull striker's for Halloween/ Autumn

    Eggs for Easter/ Spring

    Santa Claus for Winter

    I saw eggs early in the year, but held out till summer but no water balloons so far. I hope they come soon