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  • Or even the use of meso and put it into the um...Can't remember the NPCs name....She sells Buff freezers, SP Resets / AP reset scrolls etc. could put it in there to stop 'people paying for services'
  • I would say to put it back into a general cycle, having 'one last time' would mean they could put it at 0.00001% chance of getting one and people would still go ballistic to try get one.
  • This event is pants, I started it until I saw the package - its just a waste of time really. They also seem to have removed master/meister cubes from events and replaced them with Event rings miesters like....They showed us the pants tier up rates …
  • They used to have Avatar Scissors of Karma, but they got taken out. I think take Firestarter, and all the marvel CS items, if they put Asok back in then less people would Marvel. I'm surprised Frenzy is Psokable, for Nexons sake would have been bett…
  • Agreed, most of us don't have many/if any drop gears, so for better quality of gaming some list should be apparent, or the mobs / bosses that are only obtained via CS packages or other means be highlighted in some way to avoid countless hours being …
  • Still up for grabs, if you know anyone with either of those coupons could you point them in my direction please, cheers!
    in Null Comment by Devilsbishop July 2020
  • They could implement an alarm type system for those maps that are at rank 11. So a GM can moderate them. Because how many Frenzy Totems can there be? With what your saying about jobs killing differently, that is fine, but if you have mobs at curr…
  • With one of the previous hair coupons I think it was April fools thing. Where you can get male hairs as a female character and female hair as a male character, it probably frees up some data not having blocks on gender on everything. This isn't a "i…
  • I would like to see some perma throwing star covers, I saw some previously in the Easter update, (we got throwing eggs) I thought I would hold out in hope for summery ones, maybe water balloons? I thought some would be in a cycle for seasonal times…
  • The additional annoying thing is this, the events that are out now too require a dedicated amount of time to complete to gain the maximum potential. The Maple relay box event needs 33 days roughly to complete fully. Being banned for any amount of t…
  • To begin with did it say something like 'you have been blocked from the game due to suspicious map activity'? If so I think you have been caught in a ban wave of players due to the Kanna hackers. I was banned last night because of this too. Just sen…
  • Thats what happened to me too! From other posts on the forums it's to do with the misbanning of Kannas. It's just annoying that We will miss days of events because of this happening, I am doubtful they'll take boxes of the count that we missed too. …
  • So it turns out they're closed until Tuesday..... Is there a way of contacting GMs in-game? (I have sent a ticket also)