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  • World Merge FAQ

    Although I to wanted to keep the old names, and I wish they wouldn't be so aggressive with the world merge. Limiting the game down to Reboot and only 4 worlds seems too extreme.

    I was happy to find out there are others who have played Maplestory a long time. Although this is probably the worst time in Maplestory history; a time when some of the oldest memories will probably be lost.

    I have loved Maplestory from the first day I played it and miss it when I don't play it for a long time.[/quote]

    I agree with the shock of going from 17 worlds to 4 but I will say again that I am excited about this merger. I am just sad that everyone else seems to think this is going to ruin the game. I also miss playing the game right now and have for the past few months because none of the events have captured my attention. With a new character coming out I will be getting back into it and I look forward to playing with all the other people who decide to stick around. I have been playing since 2006 and have seen this game change a lot over the years and I believe for the better. I would not want to go back to the way the game use to be because I felt like you had to do so much more work for much less of a reward. I still have yet to get a character to Lev200 because of people pushing me aside when I enter a screen with them. I am a player who loves to party with others and help each other to complete goals and just level grind in general. I only wish more people wanted this too.

    I also love to party with others but sometimes I want time to myself to explore and see how far I can go before the monsters become deadly; but sometimes I like to quest and see what the story offers. There is someone I know who feels I should straight up train but sometimes I get bored with that; following good training areas are good for leveling when you feel stuck, and it works to brake through hard slow downs in leveling but sometime I can't help but to drop the training spots and do my own thing. Some times I find a slightly better area for a character who seems to struggle with a good training spot and other time I learn that there is not a better spot in sight that I have found yet. But if I get bored I do what I want and drop training guides for a while; but most of my experience for a long time has been Khaini so I haven't seen many a parties in a long time. I got one this year but it was short lived. When I first started playing I joined parties a lot I do miss that but still I don't fully like this merger of worlds. I think it would have been better to merge the newer worlds into the older worlds and kept names of the older worlds.