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  • Nexon is using us as TEST Object! The Game is BUG!

    Coding is not easy and you can't obtain all super professional programmers that can figure out any error instantly. It is not realistic. We are all human and thus make mistakes. I would like you to go to Nexon and try and code. Coding is already hard enough, but try to get your content to run on Millions of computers without one problem? Let me know how that goes. Oh and for hackers you should know about the hackers. It is not easy to ban every single hacker as they begin to hack. Just like we have criminal system in real life, you have to determine whether or not they are hacking.

    GM's are not going to work 24 hours just to patrol maple because they are human too, thus we relay on a auto-mated system. You have to make the system in such a way that it does not ban innocent people for accidentally triggering the code that bans. Again, good luck coding something that difficult.

    They use their money where they need to, and frankly it is none of our business. That's like me asking you to spend your money to get a better computer because frankly all the errors are your fault. So, if the company is "that" bad to you, you are more than welcome to go join another community. Otherwise, I suggest you be patient and understand that everything is not a simple one and done, press enter to fix all the errors, type of issue. Let the programmers do their job, and you should just wait to enjoy what they code. Ciao.
    Each individual employee knew what would be expected of them before they agreed to work there. If they aren't qualified or aren't able to perform to achieve standards on time, then they have no right collecting a full paycheck.

    You're just trying to make excuses for Nexon staff aren't you? Saying things like "It's hard!" and "They're doing their best!" and "You couldn't do better!"

    None of those excuses are satisfactory, and those excuses do not run a business.
    Let the programmers do their job, and you should just wait to enjoy what they code.
    Haha... That does not accurately represent the power of a consumer, within a consumer-based society.

    I'm unsettled to find you can bend over and allow yourself to get boned and mistreated.
    Someone should teach you that you are a consumer in this matter.

    Until then, Nexon will continue to abuse you because you continue to give them power over you.
    And you give them such power by ignorantly forfeiting your rights as a consumer.

    Be warned.
  • Nexon is using us as TEST Object! The Game is BUG!

    Welcome to Maplestory. It's been this way ever since potential came out. So long as the money continues to flow, nexon has no incentive to do more than the bare minimum.

    Consider that it's Nexon Korea calling the shots, and they don't have a hacker problem, nor do they have as many bugs because that's where the whole development team is. GMS simply imports all of KMS' content, which oftentimes isn't 100% compatible with the changes nexon america makes over here.
    Well KMS does not have hackers because you're required to attach your Korean Social Security Number to the account. Because of that, Whenever they catch you hacking they can just take you to jail.

    Also, KMS uses a "Captcha" -like system, Which prompts the user with logic related questions in Korean Hangul while playing. Because of that, If you can't read Korean you cannot answer it and are consequently permabanned. And of course, if you are afk hacking or running scripts, then the time limit runs out and you are automatically permabanned.

    That's how they fix the issue.