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  • Fishing Suggestions (UPDATED) Please add your own.

    So the fishing system is currently unplayable without spending NX. But here's some suggestions to make it playable without decreasing the difficulty for obtaining what you need without spending nx (Seems to be 1 item per day free and 6 per day if you spend $). Note that this aligns with the difficulty of other things in the game as well. You can attain them slowly over time for free, or quickly from spending $.
    • Bait should be given out FIRST no matter what order the guy shuffles the quests. If you do not get the bait quest first thing, you will not be able to complete the daily quest.
      Bait dispersed should be increased from 20 to 50 per area -OR- allow quest items to be obtained from Shrimps and Worms

      ALTERNATIVE to the above: Allow us to forfeit quests, so we can gather bait for several days and then spend the weekend fishing.
    • Fish should not be sold to merchants, instead added to rankings and to your bag (to make items). Whats the point of fishing if you dont get to keep the fish?

      ALTERNATIVE: Increase mesos obtained by 1,000x current rate, and EXP gained by 100x current rate, this wouldn't allow you to gain an insane amount of mesos, just about 30m/ hour so no big deal. If it becomes a big deal perhaps cap the mesos obtained from fishing to a certain value.
    • The 3 fishing rods should be exponentially faster than each other, and price should be 400 coins / 10 twigs for Spirit Hole [only works in spirit hole], 800 coins / 20 twigs for Dreamy Hole [works in dreamy + spirit hole], and 1200 coins / 30 twigs for Deep Sea Hole [works in all holes].
    • Fish equips should be CASH items (meaning you can wear them while wearing your regular equips). This would make people actually participate.

      Alternative: Make the fish ring give EXP% buff [same as the belt but for EXP] instead of atk/matk. No one would use this ring to gain atk unless it was a cash equip.
    • Replace the bait expansion bag with Protection and guardian scrolls for the Fish equips. Having enough bait slots is not an issue at the moment, add it back if it becomes one later. The cost should be 20 coins and 20 papers for a guardian scroll and 50 coins and 30 papers for a protection scroll
    • Create a way to check your bait bag without going to a hole and sitting on the fishing chair.
    • Bugs currently dont do anything, perhaps exchange them for spirit bait?
    • The fishing contest should not take place on Monday at 3AM, people have work and school. Sunday at 3AM would be much better.