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  • Discussion: "Both" Tab in Rankings

    Mikulover wrote: »
    In KMS a guy in a non-reboot world beat reboot to the first spot of getting 275 so keep the rankings to give the non-reboot guys the fire they need.

    At the start of the 275 race in KMS, a reboot player had the lead by over 2 trillion exp after about 1.5 weeks. Said person eventually stopped training around the mid 260s, and then about 2 weeks after that the regular server players were able to catch up.

    Regardless though, whoever is currently winning or whoever wins in the end isn't relevant to the discussion of whether or not ranks should be separated. They should be separated due to the drastic difference in progression. Even in KMS, where Reboot is a relatively small amount of the total player-base, they separated the rankings because they understand that its essentially a different game, and comparing two things that are so different doesn't provide any value to the people using the rankings.
  • MapleStory Community Survey Results and Plans

    Arwoo wrote: »
    We started the survey with an open question on how we can be more transparent and many of the answers we received reflected the statistics shown above. A very large portion of the collected responses requested that we provided more transparency in regards to hackers and bans.

    Maplers provided feedback such as:
    • “Full disclosure of evidence and procedures during ban appeals.”
    • “Provide information as to how hackers and botters are being handled.”
    • "Give more information with how evidence is gathered."
    However, we withhold information related to ban evidence because it can be used by hackers to avoid future detection. Additionally, an official post was made with further reasons as to why we cannot disclose the evidence:
    Arwoo wrote: »
    As players have mentioned in this thread, there are various reasons as to why we do not publicly share the evidence:
    1. We wish to ensure fair treatment for all players whether they're vocal or nonvocal. Presenting an individual case to the public doesn't give the case entitlement over others. For a widespread issue such as this, we gave equal attention for all accounts banned from the Arcane Umbra exploit.
    2. We don't promote public defamation. Making an example out of a player is not a method we endorse to deter players to follow the rules. By presenting the evidence of banned individuals publicly, we'd be encouraging peers to attack and harass individuals found guilty.
    3. Bans and ban appeals are between the investigations team and the individual that was banned. The community at large is not the jury that decides whether the banned are innocent or guilty. The reason for this is because evidence presented by the appealing player will always be skewed towards their favor. Due to this, the community team would need the evidence and proof acquired by our investigations team and that evidence cannot be made public for the reasons stated above.

    In our efforts to provide more transparency with the banning process, we have plans to set up a Q&A session with our Customer Support (CS) and Investigations team.

    There's a few issues with this and I'll try to keep it brief:

    1. Withholding information because it could aid hackers in avoiding detection is a pretty shallow excuse when there's already DOZENS of hackers avoiding detection. In the last 3 weeks, 4 botters have hit lv250 in Broa alone. Dozens more bot openly and for extended periods of time in any map they please.

    2. Bans and ban appeals are btwn the investigations team and the individual, but the vast majority of the time there is no actual process here. The overwhelming majority of appeals follow a very simple and very frustrating pattern: Appeal the ban -> GM says you were banned for "x" and wont be unbanned -> player seeks evidence from GM that they actually did "x" -> GM refuses and tells them to stop sending tickets.

    3. Transparency isn't the only issue in the bans process, there's several issues inherent in just the reporting process. Despite reporting several people with video evidence of them hacking on several different occasions, none of them were ever investigated. Many of the players who hacked and gave themselves dozens of skills in their beginner tab back in February are still playing right now as if they never did anything wrong, still with the same skills they hacked into their character. The fact that for 3 months absolutely nothing is done about something like this, and then you refuse to even acknowledge that you're aware it's going on or that you're working on SOMETHING is what players hate the most about this system.