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  • Discussion: "Both" Tab in Rankings

    WONDERGUY wrote: »
    splited ranking :
    GMS non-reboot

    GMS reboot

    EMS reboot

    EMS non-reboot
    both ranking its only extra and no reason for low motvation
    non-reboot it's a bit slower because you miss some items
    go buy your frenzy,fs,Ring of Torment and all other things out there $$

    Lmao dude what are you even talking about. The top regular server players have already been using Frenzy, FS, and Ring of Torment while training 16+ hours a day and they're still only going half as fast as Reboot.

    You're just pretending that people in regular servers can spend money to buy levels, which is obviously an outright lie, and I can only assume you're doing that because you're salty about other people spending money on a video game?
  • Discussion: "Both" Tab in Rankings

    Sam016 wrote: »
    This makes me believe you're not actually reading half the replies in this thread. People have always complained about rankings and wanted a split, it's just because the issue has become a huge point now with the release of 275.

    We know removing "Both" won't change the fact that reboot will get 275, thats not the point of this thread and it has been mentioned multiple times throughout (someone else also said the exact same thing as you)
    We do not want to be compared to reboot and we do not want to be "racing" with reboot.

    There is nothing interesting when everyone knows full well reboot will gain the same experience as a regular server player within half the time.

    And KMS already had split rankings before the whole design was changed

    If you actually read my previous comment I stated that "whereas when reboot got released, the issue wasn't that big." You would actually know that I actually do read the replies. You said it yourself and I quote it again:"it's just because the issue has become a huge point now with the release of 275." So apparently the reason why many people are complaining is to my understanding, they don't like it that Reboot are leveling fast and they can't catch up, so we don't want to be compared to them because its unfair? Which sounds to me some people are really salty about it, that's how I'm seeing it. So because with the release of Lv. 275 it has become an big issue now?

    Actually it is interesting though. f2p players who farms earnestly vs p2w players who can literally pay to win the game. I think both Servers will be compared regardless if the "Both" tab gets removed or not.

    If I'm understanding this correctly, you are implying here we should first split the rankings before and if by any chance changing the whole ranking system to be like KMS, If they are going to change it? So because KMS first split the rankings before implementing the whole design should we also follow their footsteps and do the same?

    No matter how much someone "pays to win" in a regular server they still can never achieve the same rates as someone in Reboot. Even with every available advantage in regular servers (which the top reg server players have been using since the level cap was raised) they still get half the rate of exp as Reboot. To argue that it's somehow a fair race because in reg servers you can buy things that help with training is just extremely ignorant and shows your lack of understanding of the differences between the two servers.
    Fuhreak wrote: »
    Sam016 wrote: »
    This makes me believe you're not actually reading half the replies in this thread. People have always complained about rankings and wanted a split, it's just because the issue has become a huge point now with the release of 275.

    I have literally never seen this issue brought up while playing since reboot was released. It's a niche issue. Or at least one that has long gone on ignored by players and nexon alike.

    Just because you and your friends dont talk about it doesn't mean nobody talks about it. It's been discussed on the subreddit numerous times and in the past there was a thread on the official forums that lead to the creation of the individual options to begin with.
  • Discussion: "Both" Tab in Rankings

    Well... Regular Servers also have their own advantages like, having Frenzy Totems, Good Gear and many others because they can pay to win the game whilst in Reboot, players need to farm for hours/days/weeks/months to even progress.

    This race thing is actually quite interesting.

    The difference between Frenzy and Kishin is very small, despite what most people think, and "Good Gear" doesn't really matter for grinding. Most classes can 1 shot later game mobs with mid-level funding in either servers. Reboot also gets a free 125%+ damage due to your level to make up for the lack of bpots and scrolling (it doesn't make up for it entirely obviously but you can still easily obtain enough damage to mob well in Reboot on the majority of classes).
    I find it Ironic that all of a sudden people are complaining about the state of the rankings and making it an issue whereas when reboot got released, the issue wasn't that big.

    It isn't all of a sudden, people have wanted split rankings for a long time. In fact for over a year after Reboot's release we didn't even have the option to separate them, that only happened after enough people complained about the state of the rankings.
    There are other issues that has an higher priority right now than worrying about the rankings.

    I've already addressed this several times in this thread, but Nexon can fix multiple things at once. Just because they're taking feedback on the rankings doesn't mean they've stopped fixing bugs or banning bots. The teams that do these things are different and there is absolutely no effect on those other issues as a result of them addressing the rankings.

    Not to mention we've gotten like 5 Maple Memo's in the last 2 months specifically addressing those "other issues" repeatedly, this is the first and only time they've addressed the rankings issue at all.
    Deleting the "Both" tab wont change the fact that reboot players will still level faster and have the potential to be first server to hit Lv. 275.

    Obviously, nobody's saying it would. We're just saying we should have fully separated rankings precisely because of the difference in progression, not so that we can "beat Reboot". Everyone in this thread has already argued (rightly so) that we CANT beat Reboot.
    I suggust that they change the whole ranking system to the KMS ranking system or just leave it as it is.

    I would love KMS's ranking system but that would take more development time and resources from Nexon, and I don't know what they're willing to dedicate to this. I also don't know if the KMS system is compatible with our GMS site.

    Also, if you're so worried about "other issues" getting ignored because of this, or you don't think the "Both" rankings are an issue, why would you want them to give us KMS's rankings? That would not only take more development (which you've argued would limit the progress on other issues, even though it wouldn't) and would also result in the removal of a combined ranking?
  • Discussion: "Both" Tab in Rankings

    Fuhreak wrote: »
    Also, the team that works on bug fixes for in game content isnt the same team that updates the UI / graphic design of the Maple webpage. They're two different teams. Fixing this problem doesn't stop them from fixing other problems in game, it isn't mutually exclusive.

    Still not the point. Why is this issue being treated so urgently, but other on-going issues which are much larger do not have official threads yet?

    Edit: We can have this thread, sure. But why is this the issue that gets an official thread first?
    Is this really more urgent than Kanna's Kishin/Rework? Is this really more important than false bans?
    Nexon can address this issue if they want. But they need to give us official threads for the other issues which already have countless threads.

    Who said those other issues aren't being treated urgently? We've had 3 Maple Memo's about false bans in the last month, and they've restored the majority of the people affected (that I personally know of). We've had 2 regarding the Kishin rework, which is something that we likely won't even get to have input on seeing as every other version of Maplestory that has Kanna's has already gotten the JMS version of Kishin. We've had 0 memos regarding the rankings, the only thing they've had regarding the rankings is this thread.

    I still dont understand why you think them taking our feedback on how to improve the rankings layout means that they have put all other work off to the side until they come to a conclusion. They're obviously still fixing things in game, they're obviously working on other upcoming changes. A company like Nexon has more than just 1 team, they focus on several aspects of development at once, and them taking feedback from the players regarding 1 issue doesn't mean they've abandoned work on everything else.
  • Discussion: "Both" Tab in Rankings

    The point I'm trying to make is either leave the current one as it is, or have a ranking system like Korean MapleStory. The fact by only removing the "Both" tab won't likely change much anyways.

    It'll change the ranking dynamic that most people follow. Comparing Reboot and reg servers is meaningless because it's incredibly obvious which one has the advantage in rates. Why would anyone in reg servers want to be compared to people who could match their exp gain while putting in half the time, all other things held constant? It doesn't make any sense and it's demotivating for that to be considered the "gold standard" (or default) ranking method.
    Fuhreak wrote: »
    This is not the issue.
    This is an incredibly small issue that does not directly affect gameplay. It's an extremely small issue that players can ultimately choose to ignore.
    It has no real impact on the game, as it isn't even found within the game itself.
    Meanwhile there are other issues going on that directly impact the game itself, as they are found within the game itself.
    This is not what we should be focusing on right now. It's unlikely Nexon will do anything before someone hits 275 anyway.

    This is by no means an incredibly small issue. Having "Both" as the default ranking option means that that vast majority of the player-base will consider that to be the "main" rankings. And when you put Reboot and reg servers together on the "main" rankings, it makes reg servers look vastly inferior because it isn't possible for them to achieve the same rate of progress.

    Also, the team that works on bug fixes for in game content isnt the same team that updates the UI / graphic design of the Maple webpage. They're two different teams. Fixing this problem doesn't stop them from fixing other problems in game, it isn't mutually exclusive.