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  • Known Instability Issues - 2/2

    Saygo wrote: »
    Hi Maplers,

    We are aware that after today's unscheduled maintenance, some players are still experiencing server instability and disconnection issues. These issues include players not being able to select a world in the world selection screen, and "ID is already logged in" errors.

    We are currently investigating these issues and will provide updates as soon as we have them.

    Again, we apologize for any inconvenience this is causing. Thanks for your patience.

    -The MapleStory Team

    stop trying to downplay this, its not some players and you and we very well know this, it's everyone, the game hasn't been out of a state of instability since the V update and its just been a long series of issues such as this and everyone knows this is widespread. Whatever you are or aren't doing isn't helping. How could anyone with any level of professionalism patch this, test it, and not fix it and not recognize it wasn't fixed and then to come here and minimize it like it's a portion of us affected is blatantly dishonest
  • changes at nexon america

    in other news, also interesting in seeing who broke this news, not sure if nexon will allow this news, but personally i am happy about this, we know how bad things are currently so any change at least has a chance at being positive http://www.mmorpg.com/news/rumor-nexon-korea-to-take-over-leadership-at-nexon-america-1000042737
  • Maplestory V Update Stream: Question Thread

    How many fingers am I holding up? :P
    if you are like the majority of people i know and it's directed at nexon, 1

    DiannikaDaYuffieNexSacramentumJettLuvsUgenji123SkyTheDestroyerZexceedNiightseekerPonPonAsylumand 2 others.
  • [LAG/STABILITY] Ongoing lag issues megathread!

    Nexon is completely lacking in common sense and on top of that have an apparent complete disregard for their player, 2x on reboot is worse than having no 2x at all. It renders the game nearly unplayable. Are you not seeing the smegas nexon? you think the players are having fun or appreciating the 2x events? They could just give out coupons and alleviate some of the server lag but of course they wont do that because then they couldn't promote the 2x cash shop coupons and promote 4x experience but you'd have to be an idiot to buy 2x card with this lag. Nexon if none of us can move you can give 40X experience and it wont matter. The only thing that will address this is them investing in more money to upgrade their servers, which they obviously arent willing to do , and it's only going to get worse on the actually 5th job patch.. The only thing Nexon is proficient at is finding ways to annoy and upset their customers.

    And the whole santa box fiasco is beyond laughable in it's level of incompetence. It's not the players fault you cant learn how to keep your hot fixes in place and repeat the same mistakes over and over, last year we had this exact same situation, unlimited coins when it was released.and then a limit placed after the first maintenance, However last year Nexon didnt punish the players for their own ineptitude like they did this year, they had a reasonable limit, this time nexon is paying its players back for opening boxes and getting as many coins as they could, were they just supposed to decide how many was reasonable then drop the rest of their boxes? so because they all got more than you intended you give them 10 a day, but this wasn't the initial plan and you can clearly see that by the fact you can get 1-5 per box

    Nexon please fire your decision makers instead of the low level staff and get new management,its not because you this game has been as success it's in spite of you, and only due to the fact the game designers made a good game, the management of the game has always been abysmal
  • [COMPLETE] Scheduled Maintenance - Dec 8th, 2016

    i actually don't give a fk if this maintenance takes 10hrs+ as long as they fix lag issues, because it's unplayable....
    unfortunately the more likely scenario is that it will take 10+ hours and not fix the lag issues