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  • Remove Maple tour from Reboot

    Other people's progression doesn't effect yours in the slightest. Pay to win doesn't exist in Reboot. They can't gain anything but progress on their own character for the money they gain from using Maple Points. Are you really that concerned about someone else being better than you by making 1b a week when you could farm that in a day?
  • DMT on Reboot

    Clistenes wrote: »
    It was my first DMT and i only use 3 of my 80 cubes. Seriously thinking about retiring from this game

    Imagine buying sinking hours into the game and buying 450 cubes for DMT and only being able to use 12..........
  • Thoughts on Kanna and Fury Totem Changes

    Be honest with us, please. Are you nerfing kishin and fury totems because you don't make enough money from GMS to justify getting better servers? Is that also why you nerfed kishin the last time? People will play the meta regardless of the state if the game, so what purpose do you have to continue to try and change it? Nerfing these things would only make everything worse for you and the players imo. Tell me I'm wrong if I'm wrong.
  • Server Merge.

    WONDERGUY wrote: »
    also communcation nexon -> players -> nexon still poor ( might even say not existent ) we still dont know why they reverted the extra 10ch and so many other things

    That was just a temporary fix for when the servers were completely screwed. Judging by how they've been running the game, I don't believe Nexon has enough money to improve the servers for GMS simply because not enough people play it. Once the afk events are over, the summer influx of players is over, and COVID-19 lockdowns are over, then we will return to our normal dead maplestory. I believe Nexon knows this is just how the game goes now so they're milking everyone until they eventually just dip out while also not putting in more resources. Might be a conspiracy theory, but I'd accept being wrong if they told me.
  • Regular servers are ruining Reboot

    HHG1 wrote: »
    Suicide kanna was not a healthy meta, it was a glaring problem in Reboot that you had to stay below level 150 to make progress and imitate hacker behavior in doing so. So, arguably, the nerfs to every non-KMS map's droptable is Reboot's fault. Not regular servers'.
    Gollux revamp is Nexon's reply specifically to Reboot's woes of not being able to starforce the accessories out of fear that they'd boom and never be replaceable. The huge mark-up in the coin shop reflects that. So, arguably, it's Reboot's fault that Gollux is now more restrictive. Not regular servers'.

    We can play the blame game all day and not get anywhere, but AaronHusky is on the right track. Everyone is affected by any change made in the game, for better or for worse. Every change lately, to every server, has been to slow progress in one way or another. Keep players online, keep them on the grind. It's to be expected of a F2P MMO.
    Nexon does not give half a crap about the market in regular servers or any temporary "flood" of items (ahem, Marvel, Philo, etc etc), that is not the reason for the coin exchange. It's to keep people online and actively using the content.

    The 30 channels were never meant to be permanent, they were added as an effort to mitigate the insane lag in Bera and Reboot during the Black Mage update and in the following months Nexon made significant efforts in banning more bots, and felt confident enough to remove the extra channels. Kishin was a scapegoat. Bots were the real problem, and newsflash, bots exist in Reboot too.

    Reboot has no trade, which means the only effect bots had on Reboot servers were taking up space and creating a black market outside of the game. There was no way to directly negatively effect other users in the server by botting. I'm not saying bots are good, I'm just saying they did more damage to the game in reg servers.

    Nexon word for word said, "We understand that Malaysia has been an important source of mesos for many players, especially those in Reboot worlds. Due to the extreme efficiency of this map for collecting mesos, some players choose not to move on to the next level of the game. The map is also frequently abused by illicit players, and it affects not only the overall game economy but also the gameplay of legitimate players negatively in the long term." which is very blatantly pointing out the affects on reg servers because there is no market in Reboot.

    As for Gollux, what reason would there be for limiting the amount of coins one could exchange per week (in your opinion)? If a player has 2k Gollux coins, then they are already either end game or near end game. Superior Gollux Pendants have been removed from the drop table and added to the shop, so they have absolutely no reason to even clear Hellux or Hardlux and are just waiting for the shop to reset. My point is there is no grind and progress is just halted by simply a waiting game. How is waiting and completely ignoring Gollux making people play the Gollux content more?

    As for the nerf to suicide kanna, yeah you right lmao. That one was speculation based on unrelated evidence towards my couple of other claims. I believe suicide kanna was a healthy meta though. There was no reason to even do it in reg servers and it was EVERYONE'S main source of income when starting a new account. If a player is banned and mistaken for botting, then that is a flaw in Nexon's system and has not even always been the case. The only reasons they had to nerf a core game mechanic was to deter botters from farming in instanced maps (which I think there were other solutions for) or to stop players from getting wrongfully banned and complaining to Nexon. The former seems like a positive consequence to the latter in Nexon's eyes. That is just what I inferred from the situation though.